‘Return to Amish’: Maureen Annoys Rosanna – Is She Jealous of a Crush?

Return to Amish star Maureen Byler annoyed Rosanna Miller by constantly bringing up her crush, Danny. The TLC stars are experiencing life in the outside world. But, it seems like one of the girls can’t keep a certain boy off their mind, and it causes tension between them.

Return to Amish: Maureen Byler Opens Up to Rosanna Miller about her Crush

Maureen Byler is head over heels for her crush, Danny. The Return to Amish castmate spoke to Rosanna Miller about her feelings for him. She told Rosanna that he’s been on her mind and that she thinks he might be a guy that she can see herself dating. Maureen likes how Danny says her name and the way he looks at her. She was curious to find out what Rosanna thought about him. Rosanna said, “he’s a nice kid.” But, she doesn’t like how he is always the topic of their conversations.

The Return to Amish reality star doesn’t feel like she brings up Danny often. Yet, Maureen Byler did say that “he’s such a great guy” and that it’s hard for her not to talk about him. However, Rosanna Miller felt that Maureen takes every opportunity she can to bring his name up, and she is “so tired” of hearing about him. She asked Maureen to “stop it.” But, Maureen said that if she wants to mention his name, she can.

Return to Amish: Maureen Byler - Rosanna Miller

Rosanna Miller Doesn’t Want a Boyfriend?

Rosanna Miller questioned Maureen Byler how she would feel if the roles were reversed, and she was the one with a crush. Maureen from Return to Amish said that if she had a crush, she would support her “like a sister” would. However, Rosanna said that she would never constantly mention a crush. She knows how annoying it can be to hear someone speak about the same person all the time.

The Return to Amish TLC star does support Maureen Byler’s crush on Danny. But, Rosanna Miller just wished she wouldn’t bring him up so often. She also said that if she wanted a boyfriend, she could find one. However, she doesn’t want to date anyone right now. Yet, Maureen seemed to think that Rosanna may just be jealous that she is talking to a boy. Rosanna said, “no, I’m not jealous at all.”

Return to Amish: Maureen Byler - Rosanna Miller

Return to Amish: Is Rosanna Jealous Of Maureen?

Many fans thought that Rosanna Miller isn’t jealous of Maureen Byler for having a crush. One person said that friends don’t always have to listen to their friends talk about someone they like. They said that it can be “annoying and exhausting” to deal with. Another person thought that Maureen was only being selfish.

On the other hand, some Return to Amish fans believed that Rosanna Miller could have been more supportive towards Maureen Byler. One person said she should “support her sister.” Another one said that if Rosanna “was a real friend,” she would let her talk about Danny since “that’s what friends do.” But did Maureen take it too far?

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