‘Return to Amish’: Rosanna Miller Enjoys First Taste of Freedom – Goes Too Far?

Return to Amish celebrity Rosanna Miller is as wide-eyed and innocent as it gets, but that may not last for long. After ditching her family in Pennsylvania, she is excited about all the new things she sees in the English world.

Return to Amish: Rosanna Riding in Cars with Boys

Return to Amish stars Rosanna Miller and Maureen Byler thought they would be able to catch a ride to the airport and head off to Florida. But since they don’t have driver’s licenses or any other type of photo idea, the ticket counter turned them away. Rosanna said she thought Maureen planned it because she wanted to spend more time with the tax driver, Danny.

On their ride down to Sarasota, Florida, Rosanna flashed Danny and Maureen wasn’t happy about it. Later, when Maureen Byler and Rosanna Miller got into a fight, Maureen said she never trusted Rosanna. And their friendship looks like it might be uncertain, which would leave Rosanna Miller all on her own in the English world.

TLC’s Rosanna from Return to Amish seems to be pretty curious about the opposite sex. But she told Maureen that she is not jealous of what she has with Danny. Despite this, Maureen doesn’t seem to believe her.

Return to Amish: Rosanna Miller

Rosanna Overwhelmed with English Life

If the “moving stairs” and the “robot toilets” weren’t enough for Return to Amish celeb Rosanna Miller – Sarasota offered a beautiful beach for her amazement. Rosanna said she had always wanted to go to the beach and didn’t think it would be anything like it was. She said she imagined it would just be dirt and trees against the water.

Early on in her time in Sarasota, she started thinking about leaving her Amish life behind. And that led her into a panic attack that required EMTs to come to the house. As soon as they mentioned going to the hospital, Rosanna Miller from Return to Amish snapped right out of it.

She said that she felt a lot better and seemed to be okay with things after that initial attack. When they went to the beach, she even wanted to go parasailing. She went up once with Maureen Byler, and her hat flew off, which she didn’t seem to mind.

Return to Amish: Maureen - Rosanna

Return to Amish: Pushing the Limits

Rosanna sees a lot of opportunities now that she is out of the Amish community. Even so, Maureen’s grandma aims to put her in her place. Ada told her that she’s just a little 18-year-old girl and yelled at her.

Return to Amish star Rosanna went and had someone pierce her belly button. That’s a major no-no in the Amish community but not likely something they would check for. But it doesn’t really matter since her family said she was never welcome to come back.

Maureen and Rosanna Miller are already fighting, and fans think the freedom has gone to her head.

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