‘Return to Amish’: Rosanna’s Panic Attack Worse – Fans Blame Maureen

Return to Amish star Maureen Byler stepped in to help her friend, Rosanna Miller, deal with a panic attack. However, fans thought that Maureen only made Rosanna feel worse.

Return to Amish: Maureen Byler Tries to Calm Rosanna Down

Maureen Byler and Rosanna Miller left their Amish lifestyle to embark on a fresh start in the outside world. The Return to Amish cast members wanted to experience life where they could make their own decisions and try new things. So, they made the trip to visit Maureen’s grandmother Ada in Florida. However, being away from home starts to take a toll on Rosanna, and it caused her to have a panic attack.

Maureen Byler from Return to Amish stepped in to help Rosanna Miller. She tried to calm Rosanna down by telling her that she is only having a panic attack. She also told her to think about her parents. But, Rosanna’s health didn’t show any improvement. So, the paramedics were called. According to Maureen, seeing an English doctor isn’t common in some Amish communities. They only see a doctor if they are having serious problems with their health.

Return to Amish: Rosanna - Maureen - Sabrina Burkholder

Did Maureen Make Rosanna Miller Feel Worse?

Maureen Byler was only trying to help her friend. But, it seems like some Return to Amish fans didn’t like how she handled the situation. One person said that you shouldn’t tell someone to “calm down” if they are panicking. Instead, they said that Maureen should’ve tried to distract her by talking about something unrelated. Another person said it would have been a better idea to tell Rosanna Miller that “everything is going to be ok.” According to a fan, Maureen should take this experience to educate herself.

Other Return to Amish viewers thought that Maureen Byler was standing too close to Rosanna Miller. One person said that Maureen should have given Rosanna “some air” and “room to breathe” instead of being right in front of her. Another person said that “the way they were in her face was making it worse.” However, these viewers understand that Maureen was only trying to make Rosanna feel better.

Return to Amish: Rosanna Miller

Return to Amish Celeb Not Cut Out for English World?

Many TLC viewers felt bad that Rosanna Miller had to deal with such a scary panic attack shortly after arriving in Florida. Rosanna has said that it has always been a dream of hers to experience the outside world. So, seeing her struggle being away from her tight-knit community was heartbreaking. One person said that they are sending her “happy, healthy and healing vibes.” Another person said that seeing her go through a panic attack made them cry.

On the latest episode of Return to Amish, Rosanna Miller questioned if she will be able to make it outside of the Amish community. However, she does know that she wants to give the English world a try. Rosanna said that she is aware that she can have a “really great life” living with her parents. But that doesn’t make her think about going back Amish.

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