‘Return To Amish’ Spoiler: Lowell’s Girlfriend Lisa Gets Secret Amish Fart Blanket and Udder Cream

Return To Amish spoilers say Lowell and his baby mama, Lisa, learn some Amish pregnancy secrets from a midwife including a fart blanket. Lowell is out and about experiencing the English world. He’s working for Jeremiah while his girlfriend Lisa is at home pregnant with their first child.

In the promo for the new episode, Lisa gets a visit from her midwife that’s unbelievable. During this visit, she learns a lot about little-known pregnancy traditions. Some of which are too crazy for her to believe. However, she states that majority of what she has been told was true.

Return To Amish – Lowell and Lisa Find Out Baby Gender

In the upcoming episode of Return To Amish, Lisa’s midwife tells her she is having a boy. According to her midwife, Lisa is carrying the baby low. This means that she is having a baby boy. The midwife explains that if she was having a girl she would be carrying the baby higher. Lisa is excited as she always wanted a boy.

Lisa’s midwife also ensures her that if she wants to have a boy she must eat a lot of broccoli. Lisa admits that she likes broccoli and already eats a lot of it. This leads her to believe that her midwife must be right about her having a boy. Lisa finds it cool that her midwife is able to tell her so much about her pregnancy.

Amish Pregnancy Tricks and Secrets – Fart Blankets and Udder Cream

While pregnant, the Amish use a lot of all natural remedies including a fart blanket. On Return to Amish, Lisa admits that her Amish midwife is great. She is able to tell her what she should eat and what exercises she should do. She also tells her how she can deal with back pain. For her, the best part is that it is all using traditional Amish methods.

Lisa’s midwife tells her a few pregnancy tips secrets used by the Amish. She tells Lisa to rub udder cream on her belly to help with the dryness. Her midwife admits it is the same cream they use on their cows. Another Amish secret is the fart blanket. Her midwife explains that if she is eating a lot of broccoli she is going to want to use this thick bedding to help hold in the gas and to mask the smell.

According to Amish beliefs, this also ensures that the baby does not smell anything either. Return To Amish cast mates, Ada and Dawn confirm that the fart blanket is real. Ada admits that it saved her marriage once. Between the cow cream and flatulence quilt, it seems that Lisa is set to enjoy her pregnancy, but Lowell is so far away, she might not need either!

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Lowell May Have To Give Up English Life

Earlier in the season, Lowell got a phone call from his girlfriend letting him know that he was going to be a father. Lowell was adopted into the Mennonite community so he knows what it is like to not have his biological parents around. He doesn’t want his child to go through everything he did growing up. He wants his child to know who their father is.

The Return To Amish star left the Mennonite community in hopes to become fully English. However, this may not happen now that he’s having a baby with a woman that’s part of his old world. Lowell may no longer be able to embrace his English life. The Amish are not allowed to date the English. However, Lisa hopes that Lowell will come back to the community so they can be together.

Will Lowell go back to the Mennonite community and stay with Lisa and his baby? Watch the latest Return To Amish Sunday at 10 on TLC to find out. 

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