‘Return To Amish’: Jeremiah Raber Bawls at Last Episode – Hints Season 6

Return To Amish donut maker Jeremiah Raber got emotional watching the season finale of the TLC show. He posted a reaction video of the last episode on his YouTube channel. During this video he hints at a new season.

Jeremiah also explains that every season gets to him emotionally and shared that he hates to see each season end. However, he also states that it doesn’t mean they won’t be back for more. Will there be a new season of Return To Amish?

Return To Amish: Jeremiah Raber Cries Watching Finale

During the video, the Return To Amish star begins to tear up once the show is done. Jeremiah Raber says the cast spend so much time together. He says while filming, they are always together.

However, when it is all done, everyone leaves and they don’t know when they’ll see each other next. By watching Amish episodes, Jeremiah feels like they are all still together. The cast have become so close, he says, that it is weird not being with each other every day.

Jeremiah explains that even though the cast may argue and fight with each other they are still like family. Like every family, it doesn’t matter how much they fight they still care about each other at the end of the day. They will always be there for one another. However, once the season ends there is a chance they may never see each other again.

Many Surprises In Store For Fans

Jeremiah urges fans to keep watching and support the show. He says you never know whether Return to Amish may return. He has mentioned in the past that the more fans watch the show and let TLC know they’re interested, the better chance for more seasons.

According to Jeremiah Raber, if the network sees the interest they will be more willing to do another season. Fans have brought back shows in the past. The cast of Jersey Shore was brought back for a new season after fans online demanded a new season. He also shared his frustration this year that TLC wasn’t doing enough, in his opinion, to promote the program.

During the video below, the Return To Amish alum mentions that there are a few big surprises coming. He says a few things are currently in the works. However, it is not clear if he is talking about his YouTube channel or the TLC show. Jeremiah Raber does not give away too much information about these surprises.

Hints At A New Return to Amish Season

The Return To Amish trouble maker tells viewers to continue to watch the show because as he states “you never know”. Jeremiah Raber says this may not be the last you see of him and the show – hinting that there may be a new season. Many fans hope this may not be the end of Return To Amish.

However, it has not been confirmed that the show is renewed for another season. Jeremiah shared hopes that fans enjoyed the just-ended season and says he thought it was pretty good. However, he knows that everyone has their own opinions. Therefore, he asks his fans to leave a comment on the video letting him know what they thought.

But what do you think – are you hoping Return To Amish is back again next year?

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