‘Return To Amish’: Jeremiah Raber Blames TLC For Low Ratings

Return To Amish star Jeremiah Raber blames TLC for the show’s low ratings. The new season of Return To Amish includes a mixture of new and old cast members. Jeremiah is one of original stars who agreed to be a part of the new season. This season also includes his wife Carmela, Sabrina Burkholder and Mary “Mama Mary” Schmucker – all from season one.

The TLC network announced Return To Amish would be returning only a month before it started to air. Due to the lack of promotion, Jeremiah Raber is blaming TLC for the low ratings the show is receiving. As a result, he took to Twitter to express his opinion. His tweet includes accusations that “TLC only pushes and promotes certain shows” and Return To Amish isn’t one of them. Therefore, this lead him to promote the show himself.

‘Return To Amish’: Jeremiah Raber Claims Editing Made Him Cringe and Yawn

In a recent video posted on Jeremiah’s YouTube channel, the Return To Amish alum gives his thoughts on the first couple of episodes. He claims that editing could have been better at times. However, he does joke about his editing skills not being any better. Many clips were just mistakes and shouldn’t have been shown.

When it comes to the first episode, Jeremiah Raber admits that it wasn’t the greatest and it made him cringe. He wasn’t impressed with the storylines regarding the new people on Return To Amish. He wished they opened up more. As for the second episode, he explains it as boring and made him yawn.

Jeremiah Pleads Fans To Watch New Season

In the YouTube video he stressed how important it is for fans to watch Return To Amish. He pleads fans to tune in and watch the show because the better ratings they get the better chance they have to come back for another season. For that reason, he tells fans to tune in every week. In his opinion this is the second best season they’ve ever done.

Despite the slow start, Jeremiah tells fans that the show does get better. He promises that the season is full of drama and a must watch. Jeremiah asks followers to watch each episode with an open mind when it comes to new cast members and missing alums.  

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Fans Unaware of New Season

Once Jeremiah Raber took to Twitter about TLC’s lack of promotion many fans agreed with him. One fan tweeted that she didn’t know Return To Amish was back for another season. She became aware that the show was back by randomly flipping through channels. This fan also stated that she thinks Jeremiah should promote the show himself. Another fan tweeted that she thought the show was cancelled. As a result, the little promotion the show is getting means people weren’t watching.

Some fans were confused as to why there was such a long break between seasons. Therefore, fans seemed to think the show would not be returning. Despite the long breaks, fans were happy that the show did return. 

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