‘Return to Amish’: Where Is Kate Stoltz Now?

Return to Amish star Kate Stoltz isn’t held back by the restraints in the Amish community any longer. Instead, she’s making a name for herself in the big world. Here are the latest updates on the journey Kate’s created for herself.

Return to Amish: Kate Stoltz Eating Disorder & Mental Health Concerns

In season one of Breaking Amish, Kate Stoltz talked about wanting to work hard to become a model in New York City. However, the harsh realities of the English society that were hidden from Kate Stoltz hit hard. After leaving her Amish wardrobe and life behind, Return to Amish star Kate Stoltz talks about wanting to make it big in the fashion scene.

During her time on Breaking Amish, Rebecca Schmucker, Abe Schmucker, and Jeremiah Raber try talking to Kate. That’s because they’re concerned about her well-being since they’ve come out of their communities. Sabrina Burkholder from Return to Amish talks about her concerns with Kate’s mental well-being, after seeing Kate flip-flop through different emotions. Plus, the entire crew notices Kate’s not eating a lot of food, but exercising often.

The stars of Return to Amish all sit down to chat with Kate about her possible eating disorder. The TLC producers, along with her co-stars, end up planning an intervention for her. However, their efforts only make her upset, and she denies she’s got any problem with her eating habits.

Return to Amish: Kate Stoltz

Charity Work for Aspiring Model

Kate Stoltz from Return to Amish isn’t just looking to make it big in the world. Instead, she’s also looking to have a huge impact on children. She’s created a charity called Developing Faces, which provides surgical care to babies and young children around the world. She talks about the charity focusing on raising money for missions, as well as organizing events, and meetings for children worldwide.

Return to Amish: Kate Stoltz

Return to Amish: Kate Stoltz Famous Designer

On RTA, Kate talks about her dreams of becoming a fashion designer and a model. After years of hard labor and dedication, it looks like her dreams have finally come true. She’s now fighting to build a clothing brand in New York City, where she creates women’s clothing, face masks, and accessories.

Also, she talks about how she signed with one of the top ten modeling agencies located in NYC. Plus, she serves on projects for runway shows, as well as international magazines. However, she proudly talks about attending the Fashion Institute of Design in NYC.

Recently, Kate Stoltz talks about one of the pieces she created that is featured in a Future of Fashion exhibition.

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