‘Return To Amish’ Spoilers: Dawn and Shelly Ditch Their Mennonite Looks

Return To Amish stars Dawn and Shelly ditch their Mennonite looks and get English makeovers on the next episode. These two left the Mennonite community to find out who they are as individuals. Since leaving the confines of the religious order, they have yet to shed the look of the church. In order to get away from the confines of the community, they agreed to work for Jeremiah Raber. But part of their agreement was that they would wear traditional clothing while working at Jeremiah’s Amish Donuts.

Tired of wearing their conservative dowdy apparel, Shelly and Dawn indulge in a head-to-toe makeover. They don’t like feeling like they stick out in the English world. They may still be working at an Amish donut shop, but after hours, they want to explore the English world. See their makeovers unfold in the new episode of Return To Amish.

Return To Amish: Dawn Admits She Looks Completely Different

In the sneak peek of Return To Amish, Dawn says she wants to be able to freely express herself. She is ready to break out and try something new. In the clip, Dawn gets a new hairstyle and enjoys a manicure and pedicure. With a new hairdo, Dawn says that she looks completely different. These are the types of things that she was never allowed to do as a Mennonite.

Getting a makeover not only meant that she was going against her upbringing. She was also going against her husband, Keith. She said that she doesn’t want her husband to tell her what she can and cannot do. Dawn wants to be able to make those decisions on her own. However, will her husband like her new look?

Shelly Gets A Beyoncé Makeover

Return To Amish cast member Shelly admits that she has always wanted to look like singer-songwriter Beyoncé. Growing up Mennonite, she got her friends to buy her magazines featuring Beyoncé. That is how she got to know about the singer. So when it’s Shelly’s turn to get a new look, that’s who she wants to resemble. Shelly is thrilled to see her new Bey look and can’t believe it is really her. She says she feels beautiful.

A new hairstyle was only the beginning of Shelly’s transformation. She also got her makeup done for the very first time. As a Mennonite, she was never allowed to wear cosmetics. She tells the makeup artist that she wants to get this makeover so she can be her own person. She hopes to discover who she is and become more confident.

Dawn Gets A Visit From Her Husband on Return to Amish

Seeing herself made over was not the only surprise Dawn gets on tonight’s episode. Her husband shows up on Return To Amish tonight. Leaving the Mennonites meant that Dawn had to also leave her husband. Surely, he’ll be surprised to see his wife looking completely different.

Before leaving the conservative Mennonite order, Dawn found out Keith was cheating on her. When she spoke to the church about it, they made her feel like it was her fault. The church made it seem like she wasn’t good enough, which is why he went elsewhere to find what he needed. She took those frustrations with her when she left. Find out what happens when Dawn’s husband visits on the new episode.

Tune in to see Shelly and Dawn and their hot new looks Sunday night on Return To Amish on TLC.

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