‘Return To Amish’: Sabrina Burkholder Gives Birth To Baby #3

Return To Amish star Sabrina Burkholder gives birth to baby number three. This may be her third child, but it is the only child she has in her care. Sabrina has two other children, Oakley and Arianna. However, they were taken away from her due to her battle with drugs. She has made necessary changes in her life in order to be the mother her new born baby needs. Will third time be a charm?

Return To Amish – Sabrina Burkholder Gave Birth To A Little Baby Boy

Earlier this year Sabrina Burkholder confirmed that she was expecting her third child. The father of the child is her current boyfriend Jeff Nolt. The two both have a history with drug addiction. However, Sabrina and Jeff have left their past in the past and are focus on their new bundle of joy.

The Return To Amish celeb announced on Facebook that she gave birth to a baby boy. Zekiah Brysen Nolt was born on March 6. He weighs 6lbs and 3 oz. Sabrina Burkholder explains that she picked the name Zekiah. She explains that Zekiah is the “shortened version of Hezekiah” who is a “righteous king in the Bible.” She also reveals that the name means “God is my strength.” However, her boyfriend picked the baby’s middle name Brysen which means “enthusiastic and passionate.”

Life Changing Moment For RTA Star

Sabrina Burkholder thanks God for giving her another chance at being a parent. The Return To Amish alum explains that a year ago she was in jail for the third time. She feared that she was never going to be able to be the person that she wants to be. However, something changed within her. She explains that she let God guide her.

Sabrina Burkholder expresses on social media that she will never regret leaving her old life behind. The birth of her son has made everything she went through worth it. She used to cry sad tears wondering when her life was going to get better. Now she cries happy tears knowing she has another chance at life.

Experienced Medical Issues During Pregnancy

Sabrina Burkholder revealed in the previous season of Return To Amish that she had suffered a miscarriage. During this pregnancy she reveals that she experienced some medical issues. Doctors were concerned that something might be wrong with the baby when it is born. However, she announces on social media that baby Zekiah passed all his medial exams and is healthy.

The Return To Amish personality says that she was scared. However, she is glad that everything turned out to be fine with her baby. She explains that this experience has been a test of her faith. She admits that she could never have accomplished this without God and her faith. Sabrina also thanks the people who never gave up on her. Those who never stopped believing in her and always prayed for her.

Congratulations Sabrina Burkholder!

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