‘Return To Amish’: Sabrina Burkholder Confirms Pregnancy With Third Child

Return To Amish star Sabrina Burkholder confirms that she is pregnant with her third child. Sabrina has two other children – Oakley who is four and Arianna who is two. Her children were taken away from her by the state because of her battle with drugs.

Sabrina has done a lot to get her life back together. Only time will tell if third time is the charm. However, since announcing her pregnancy, she has received a lot of negative comments.

Return To Amish – Sabrina Burkholder and Boyfriend Expecting Baby Boy

Finally the Return To Amish alum is having a boy! Sabrina Burkholder confirmed that she is having a baby on Facebook. The father of her child is her boyfriend, Jeff Nolt. He also has a history with drug addiction.

He was there with Sabrina when she overdosed on heroin. She was, in fact, clinically dead. However, medics were able to bring her back to life. She has been given a second chance at life and another chance to be a mother.

Sabrina also stated that she is 30 weeks pregnant. Her baby is due sometime in March of this year. This means that she became pregnant around the time she said she was going back to rehab to get her life together. Now she needs to get herself straight for herself, and for her new baby as well.

Fans Wonder If Miscarriage Was True

Fans of Return To Amish were confused when Sabrina Burkholder announced she was pregnant. While filming for the new season in June, she reportedly suffered a miscarriage. Being due in March means that she got pregnant sometime in June. The same month she had a miscarriage.

This confusion led fans to think that Sabrina didn’t really have a miscarriage. Many viewers wondered if this miscarriage was made up by the show for them to explain why she left the show. She responded to this allegation on Facebook. Sabrina stated that she suffered the miscarriage in early June and got pregnant again on June 20.

Return to Amish Fans Question Parenting Abilities

Doubting the miscarriage wasn’t the only thing fans commented on. They also expressed their opinions about whether Sabrina should be bringing any more children into this world.

They stated that she wasn’t able to take care of her two previous children. And they wondered how the third child will be any different. Sabrina’s response was: “if you’re trying to upset me sorry it is not working.”

Sabrina Quits Return To Amish

Sabrina admits that she doesn’t watch the show. She says she doesn’t like how it is edited to portray her in a negative way. When she watches the show, it reportedly messes with her emotions. She doesn’t want watching it to lead her down the same dark path she was on before.

However, she did tell her social followers that she has seen a few clips of it here and there. The Return To Amish cast member also admits that she didn’t make much money from the show. She had to take on other jobs to get by. While working in an Italian restaurant, a fan asked Sabrina how much she earned from TLC.

Sabrina responded with “would I be working here?” With the pay not being the greatest, it made the decision to leave easier. She is now working at a donut shop in Kentucky. Her move there raises some suspicion with viewers. Did Sabrina move to a new state to avoid her baby being taken away from her?

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