‘Return to Amish’: Sabrina Burkholder Looks Back at Troubled Past

Return to Amish star Sabrina Burkholder recently took a look back at her troubled past. She dealt with an addiction to drugs that landed her in jail a few times. But, Sabrina has been able to stay sober and is proud of how far she has come.

Return to Amish: Sabrina Burkholder Talks Past Drug Use

In the past, Sabrina Burkholder has had a few run-ins with the law. The Return to Amish castmate has been in and out of jail for using drugs. But, she has since then turned her life around for the better. Now, she is opening up about her thoughts on her troubled past. In an old picture of Sabrina, she said it was taken right after her drug dealer stopped by her apartment with heroin. According to Sabrina, at the time she had just been let out of jail and couldn’t “wait to get high again.”

The Return to Amish reality star thought that the person supplying her drugs was her only friend. But, now, Sabrina Burkholder knows that her drug dealer wasn’t a friend of hers at all. She is no longer that person in the photo and has come a long way since those dark times. However, Sabrina doesn’t think she would have made it this far on her own. But, it is no thanks to her drug dealer. She said, “thank you, Jesus, for pulling me from the pit.”

Return to Amish: Sabrina Burkholder

Sabrina Surrounds Herself with Positive Energy

Sabrina Burkholder has learnt a lot from her past struggles. She now wants to surround herself with positive energy. The Return to Amish cast member said that it is “so important” to pick the right people to be around. Sabrina believes that “it is better to be lonely” than hang out with people who aren’t looking out for your best interests. She said that it is important to protect your energy “at all costs.”

A recent picture of Sabrina Burkholder shows that she has turned her life around. Many Return to Amish viewers are proud of her for being able to overcome her troubled past. One fan said that they are “glad” to see her on the right path. Another fan said that Sabrina’s “soul was lost” in the old picture of her. But, in the recent photo, she looks “like a different person.” According to a fan, she is “a true inspiration to all.”

Return to Amish: Sabrina Burkholder - Jethro Nolt

Return to Amish Celeb Joins New Season

Sabrina Burkholder will be sharing her life story with viewers on the upcoming season of the TLC show. This season, she prepares to welcome a new addition to her family with her boyfriend, Jethro Nolt. Spoilers hint that Sabrina wasn’t ready to have another baby so soon. But, she was happy to be having another little one.

However, there seems to be trouble in paradise for Sabrina Burkholder from Return to Amish and her boyfriend, Jethro Nolt. Once their baby is born, the TLC couple’s relationship takes a turn. Jethro says he wants to marry Sabrina, but his actions say otherwise. Will they get their happy ending?

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