‘Return To Amish’: Sabrina Burkholder Deletes Post Accusing Jeremiah Raber of Nonconsensual Sex

Return To Amish star Sabrina Burkholder accused Jeremiah Raber of taking advantage to her but then later deleted the post. She initially accused him of non-consensual sex and the drama between Sabrina and Jeremiah is far from over. Sabrina took to Facebook to let everyone know the truth about the New York City incident. However, Sabrina later deleted the Facebook post. Erasing the post caused fans to start speculating why. Is Sabrina telling the truth? Or is there more to the story than she wants us to know?

Return To Amish – Sabrina Burkholder Says Jeremiah Hook Up Was Not Consensual

In the first season of Breaking Amish, Sabrina and Jeremiah admitted to hooking up while filming in New York City. Jeremiah explained the incident as an “in and out” scenario. For the most part, it seemed like they were on the same page. However, Sabrina’s Facebook post states otherwise. Her social media post on Facebook accused Jeremiah of forcing himself on her.

The Return To Amish cast member explains that he never asked for her approval before the sex. She says she told him no, but claims that was not enough for Jeremiah to stop. Sabrina also said she let the incident go for years. However, with recent comments made by Jeremiah Raber, she decided she wanted everyone to know her side of the story.

Sabrina Deletes Jeremiah Raber Accusation Post

Sabrina Burkholder went on Facebook to expose how Jeremiah allegedly treated her during the incident. She also mentioned the truth about the drugs found in her house. The mention ended with one last jab towards Jeremiah. She wrote, “before you make a lousy attempt to point your fingers, make sure your own hands are clean.” It is not clear what she is referring to, but with their history, nothing is really that clear.

The Return to Amish alum has since erased what she posted. There has been no explanation given as to why she deleted the post. It could have been written while she was angry. Perhaps she regretted posting it. Or TLC might have demanded that she take it down since they have strict contracts on their online behavior.

It seems that Sabrina is trying to change her life around. She suffered a miscarriage last June and is now pregnant with her third child. Therefore, perhaps she deleted the message because she didn’t want to bring up old drama and have to deal with it all again when she’s revamping her life.

Sabrina Confesses About Drugs In Her House

In the same Facebook post, the Return To Amish former celeb also addresses the drugs that Jeremiah Raber said were found in her house. After visiting Sabrina Burkholder once she got out of jail, he said he found out that there were drugs at her house.

She states that she told Jeremiah about the drugs. However, they were there before she went to jail. She explains that all of this happened two years ago and is “not sure why he’s got such an issue with it now.”

Sabrina also addresses in her comment the fact that she did speak to her drug dealer. She says she spoke to her drug dealer because he took care of her cats while she was in jail. The Return to Amish personality adds that her former drug dealer was the only one that was nice enough to do that for her. She says she came clean on everything while filming.

However, she also states that TLC edited those parts out. After everything she has gone through while on the show, Sabrina Burkholder decided to quit. During the recent season, we see her exit from Return to Amish. We may never know why she deleted her post about Jeremiah Raber. But one thing is for sure. The relationship between Sabrina and Jeremiah Raber is definitely complicated.

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