‘OutDaughtered’: Uncle Dale at ER – McKenzie’s Scary Head Injury

OutDaughtered‘s Uncle Dale Mills spent some time at the ER with McKenzie Mills, his daughter. He said they had a “nice little ER visit,” and that McKenzie was okay now that she got stitches.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale’s daughter McKenzie Mills Turns 10

Recently McKenzie turned ten, and her parents pulled out all the stops. OutDaughtered cast member McKenzie was excited to celebrate her birthday on a camping trip with her cousins. The whole crew went down to Canyon Lake, Texas, in an RV.

One of the nights everyone was there, they had a big birthday party. McKenzie and the family had the time of their lives. And Adam Busby did a good job driving an RV for the first time.

Uncle Dale cooked some goodies up on the grill. But that wasn’t where the birthday fun stopped. When McKenzie came home, there was a big happy birthday display set up. And let’s not forget that she got a phone for her birthday.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Mills - McKenzie Mills

McKenzie Takes a Bat to the Head

Just because McKenzie Mills of OutDaughtered turned ten, that doesn’t mean life got easy. In fact, McKenzie Mills found out very quickly what can happen if you don’t pay close attention. Her brother, Bronson Mills, was swinging his baseball bat. And he swung it right into his sister’s head.

Head wounds bleed a lot, and it was likely difficult to tell how bad things were. Uncle Dale took her to the ER quickly and got her the attention she needed. Uncle Dalle Mills said that things were calm once McKenzie got her stitches in.

The before and after photo is a little graphic. But fans commented and hoped that she is feeling better. And said they were sorry she had to experience this. Some OutDaughtered fans commented that they knew Bronson felt bad about hurting his sister—even though it was an accident.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Mills - McKenzie Mills

OutDaughtered: Life On the Show for Uncle Dale Mills

Many viewers of OutDaughtered love seeing Uncle Dale and his family on the show. Uncle Dale Mills is Danielle Busby’s sister Crystal Mills’ husband. He is a regular on the show, and you can usually find him causing some sort of trouble.

Everyone knows that red-haired Hazel Busby is Uncle Dale’s favorite quint. And he isn’t afraid to say it and go the extra mile for his little pal. McKenzie and Bronson also spend a lot of time over at the Busby’s house.

The family is very close, and that comes through on the TLC show. Even if Uncle Dale Mills acts like he’s all tough, the girls know how to get him to soften up and play or help them out when they need it.

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