‘OutDaughtered’: Uncle Dale Surprises Daughter McKenzie On Her Special Day

OutDaughtered‘s Uncle Dale Mills went all out with his surprise for daughter McKenzie Mills on her special day. Naturally, Dale does his best to make everyone feel special and have a lot of fun. And he definitely made it happen this time.

OutDaughtered: Dale Mills for the Birthday Surprise Win

OutDaughtered fans love Dale Mills because of his loud personality and funny wisecracks. And everyone knows Uncle Dale loves the attention he gets on OutDaughtered, but he also knows how to give the attention back. Right now, he’s focusing some extra light on McKenzie.

Recently McKenzie turned 10 years old. And Dale says that they officially have a daughter in the double digits now. Dale Mills’ wife, Crystal Mills, aka Aunt KiKi, commented, “It’s your day.” And, she said she’s ready to have some fun with McKenzie. Crystal, from OutDaughtered, is Danielle Busby’s sister. And Ashley Mowbray is Crystal’s twin sister.

The whole crowd was there celebrating McKenzie’s birthday. And, there was a lot of fun and surprises, as Uncle Dale and wife Crystal made sure their daughter had a special day.

OutDaughtered: Dale Mills - McKenzie Mills

It’s a Camping Birthday for McKenzie Mills

The first part of the celebration for OutDaughtered cast member McKenzie was a massive cake on their camping trip. Luckily, the rain stayed away long enough for everyone to enjoy fun in the sun and cake outside. But the next day — it was a downpour.

Now, McKenzie is sure to remember the camping part of her birthday. Plus, they had the lake, the creek, and of course, the OutDaughtered film crew there to catch all this magic. McKenzie and Uncle Dale are a big hit on the show. And everyone is looking forward to seeing her birthday documented on the newest season of the TLC reality show.

McKenzie’s grandmother Mimi was on the trip with them too, and they had fun making dance videos. Plus, a producer even got in on some of the fun dancing with the girls. But we’ll have to wait and see if that part makes it onto the OutDaughtered show or not.

OutDaughtered: McKenzie Mills

OutDaughtered: The Birthday Fun Continues for Uncle Dale

Uncle Dale from OutDaughtered couldn’t let the camping part of the birthday be the only celebration. They set up an awesome happy birthday sign for McKenzie that said happy 10th birthday, we love you, McKenzie. Of course, the sign was huge, and she was so excited to see it.

But there was even more. Also, OutDaughtered’s Uncle Dale surprised her with her very own phone. Then, she said that it was the best gift ever. She’s adorable posing with her phone and tie-dyed t-shirt. So, watch for more of Uncle Dale Mills as details emerge about the upcoming season of the reality TV show.

OutDaughtered has more fun on the way. Keep an eye on Soap Dirt for more.