‘OutDaughtered’: Uncle Dale Mills Celebrates ‘Road Dog’

OutDaughtered‘s Uncle Dale Mills recently celebrated a special day for his “road dog.” He said that he couldn’t believe that this day was already there as they continued the party.

OutDaughtered: Dale Mills Is the Goofy Uncle

Viewers love Dale from OutDaughtered because he’s goofy and playful. Everyone knows that Hazel Busby is his favorite out of the Busby children. And they often have “Dazel” moments and playdates.

On OutDaughtered, TLC’s Dale Mills has appeared on the show in a lemon outfit. And he’s let the girls do full makeup on him. Viewers said he’s the most fun character on the entire show, and he loves the attention for it.

Not long ago, Dale of OutDaughtered got on his son’s tricycle and rode around the neighborhood. He wore a bandana and a wig as he drank a big swig of his drink. Dale said the neighbors were all looking at him funny.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Mills

Dale Celebrates Bronson Mills’ 8th Birthday

OutDaughtered star Dale Mills’ “road dog” is his son Bronson. Both of them love LSU, and they cheered on their team during his special day. Fans also chimed in with birthday wishes and chants of “Geaux Tigers.” And this meant a lot to this die-hard fan and his dad.

It doesn’t look like Dale and the family put on a big party. However, it seems like they kept things small, but they still made sure Bronson felt special. In fact, they even put up huge signs in the yard that said, “Happy birthday. I paused my game to be here.” Viewers said the big signs are a really cute idea and a good way to make him feel special.

Bronson looked like he had an amazing time with his game-themed signs. Whatever the case, it seems like he got the presents that he wanted from his parents. OutDaughtered fans continued to wish him happiness for the next year of his life.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Mills

OutDaughtered: Having Fun with Family

Uncle Dale spends a lot of time with his family despite his demanding job. The OutDaughtered family goes away from the house going to weddings and taking other trips. Bronson is also involved in sports and is a great baseball player.

Dale loves enjoying time with Bronson Mills from OutDaughtered at the baseball diamond. As a matter of fact, he’s a good player at the ripe age of eight years old. Recently Dale Mills said they came up short in the championship game, but they did well.

Fans of OutDaughtered congratulated him on all his hard work. Viewers say that Dale is a good father to both his son and his daughter. And they look forward to seeing the next adventures they set out on.

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