‘OutDaughtered’: Uncle Dale Mills Loud Outfit Cracks Up Fans

OutDaughtered‘s Uncle Dale Mills snagged fan attention recently. While it wasn’t a big dancing lemon, a chef’s hat, or any of his past favorites, the Busby quints’ uncle did put on a new outfit that got people talking.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Mills’ Health Scare

Not long ago, Dale Mills had to go to the doctor for a surgical procedure. The OutDaughtered fan favorite uncle said he had a suspicious mole on his face. Instead of waiting for it to turn into anything, he just had it cut off for safety.

OutDaughtered celeb Dale said he would have a cool scar. But after the surgery, it doesn’t look like there is any major scarring from it. Fans said what was most important is that Dale Mills takes care of himself.

It turns out that Dale has been at the hospital quite a bit lately. This time it was him, but before that, Dale took his daughter, McKenzie Mills, to the doctor for a head injury. Fans of OutDaughtered say they hope the whole family can stay out of the hospital for a while.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Mills

Uncle Dale Dresses Up

Watchers of OutDaughtered watch out for Dale’s antics, and he gave them something to watch this week. Dale Mills put on a green jacket and a loud new shirt as well as a visor. One fan commented that they liked the jacket on him, but another fan said they thought he was a Lucky Charms advertisement.

He said he likes Lucky Charms and thanked the fans for their kind words. People kept reaching out and saying funny and nice things to Dale Mills. And viewers know he likes the attention because his brother in law, Adam Busby, told everyone.

Not too long ago, Dale dressed up and peddled down the road, acting like he was singing. OutDaughtered viewers said that Dale always brightens their day, and they like coming to him for entertainment. And one of the viewers commented that he and Adam had a lot of sponsorship deals because the shirt brand he wore sponsored him.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Mills

OutDaughtered: Enjoying Life to the Maximum

Dale Mills told fans that commented on his sponsorships that he was helping people help people. Viewers of OutDaughtered said those sponsorships probably pay a lot. But he didn’t say anything about that.

Fans weren’t able to get any dates out of cast member Dale for when the show will be back, but they’ve tried. As of right now, we know the show finished taping the content, but there is no timeline on when it will be on TLC. Fans say they need their OutDaughtered fix since the last season ended quickly because of the pandemic.

The OutDaughtered star is likely ready to get back up on the television. But production and everything else takes a lot more time due to COVID-19. So, stay tuned here to find out when Dale Mills and the rest of the reality crew return.

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