‘OutDaughtered’: Uncle Dale Mills’ Groovy New Look Freaks Out Neighbors

OutDaughtered‘s Uncle Dale Mills has a groovy new look, and he’s not afraid to rock it outside. And his neighbors can’t keep their eyes off him. But fans think they should be used to Dale’s antics by now.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Mills Worries Viewers

Recently, Uncle Dale Mills showed off a new scar. He said it looks cool, and he had to get a suspect mole looked at. Fans of OutDaughtered love Dale, and they sent him their best wishes.

From a recent video with Uncle Dale Mills new look, lovers of OutDaughtered can’t even see the scar. Fans said they’re sorry he didn’t get as cool of a scar as he was hoping for. But it seems like he’s doing well.

He had joked that people shouldn’t look at his hair plugs. But he confirmed he was joking and that his hair was all his. OutDaughtered viewers were happy Dale is doing well—and that his locks are all his.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Mills

Uncle Dale Takes Bronson Mills’ Ezyroller

In a world that is all serious, OutDaughtered watchers say they are glad for Uncle Dale. He put on a tie-dyed t-shirt and rolled through the suburbs drinking cranberry juice. Fans joked that he wouldn’t have to worry about UTIs.

He said that the neighbors were staring hard. But most people that watch OutDaughtered figured they should know who lives next to them. Not too long ago, he was showing off one of his interesting exercise machines.

Viewers of OutDaughtered told Uncle Dale Mills that he needs his own show. They want more of his positive attitude and lots of laughs. It’s like Dale agrees since he loves the attention he gets from TLC and elsewhere.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Mills

OutDaughtered: More of Your Favorites Coming Soon

Fans showed their excitement about the new season of OutDaughtered. People kept asking Adam Busby when they would be back on the air. But all he could say is that they finished taping. And he didn’t know when the new air date was.

After all of the COVID-19 shutdown, it took a while to get things up and running. But it seems like OutDaughtered should be back to normal—unlike the short season last year. Everyone is ready to see Uncle Dale Mills and the rest of the crew.

Fans will get to see their exciting first RV road trip with the whole OutDaughtered family. The family was out of the house a lot due to their remodel. And fans are glad they will get to see the family out of the house enjoying themselves.

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