‘OutDaughtered’: Uncle Dale Mills Shows Off ‘Cool Scar’

OutDaughtered‘s Uncle Dale Mills recently underwent a procedure to remove something “weird” from his face. And now he says that he has a “cool scar” to show for it.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Mills Is the Life of the Party

People love watching the quints on OutDaughtered. But fans of the TLC show have another favorite. Yes, you got it right. Uncle Dale Mills and his goofy antics and love for teasing all the girls.

In some of the scenes, Dale tries to come off as a tough guy. But Hazel Busby has Uncle Dale Mills wrapped around her little finger. And he’s always there for the Busby family if they need it. And a lot of the time, he’s the comic relief on the show.

OutDaughtered star Uncle Dale Mills loves the attention he gets from the show. Adam Busby teased that all Dale wants is attention. But Uncle Dale Mills didn’t deny it. Viewers of OutDaughtered have watched him be everything from the Easter bunny to a big lemon. And they look forward to seeing what he does each season.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Mills

Dale Is Careful with His Health

Uncle Dale Mills goes to work out Adam of OutDaughtered, and both of them work to stay fit. But it looks like Dale had a health scare recently. In fact, he had to get a “weird” mole cut off his face—just to be safe. He shared a photo of his stitches and said that it’s all good now. And that he has a “cool scar” because of his safety measures.

Uncle Dale Mills is the husband to Crystal Mills, aka Aunt KiKi. Crystal is Danielle Busby’s sister—one of the twins. Danielle’s other sister is Ashley Mowbray, and the couples often go on vacations together and share their adventures with the OutDaughtered viewers.

Dale from OutDaughtered jokes around a lot, but he’s serious about his health. He has two young kids and a wife to take care of. And he doesn’t want anything to go wrong that he could prevent.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Mills

OutDaughtered: A Fun Upcoming Season

Dale and the rest of the OutDaughtered crew didn’t get a full season last season. During the taping, the camera crew told everyone they had to stop because of COVID-19. Everyone worried about what would happen, and the Busby family tried to self-tape. But that didn’t last for too long.

SD reported to fans of OutDaughtered that they wrapped up taping. But right now, there is no release date for the new season of the show. With the home remodel, it will prove to be a very interesting season.

The whole family went on a big vacation down to Canyon Lake, Texas. And, of course, OutDaughtered celeb Dale was the lead griller there. He’s always fixing something delicious for the family on their get-togethers.

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