‘OutDaughtered’: The Story Behind Uncle Dale

OutDaughtered fan-fave Uncle Dale Mills is a huge hit with the Busby quints Hazel, Olivia, Riley, Parker, and Ava. And, fans love him as well. Plus, he and his wife Crystal Mills are a huge help to Adam Busby and Danielle Busby. However, there is quite a bit that viewers may not know about the popular uncle. Now, take a look at some fun facts about Dale Mills from the hit TLC reality show.

TLC’s OutDaughtered: The Early Days Of Dale Mills

OutDaughtered star Dale Mills lives in Texas now. But, he is from Louisiana like Danielle and her family. So, when he started dating his now-wife Crystal Mills they were only 19 years old. He lived in a party house with his buddies. And, his first job was at the restaurant Casa Manana which he was at for five years. Turns out, Danielle is responsible for getting him and Crystal together.

Also, he jokes that it’s her fault he and Crystal are husband and wife. However, he adds that he is very grateful for that. So, they were friends first and Danielle was likely the matchmaker. Also, he says he would’ve never imagined this crazy life for them but he wouldn’t change anything about it. Clearly, Dale loves his life and loves sharing it on OutDaughtered. 

OutDaughtered: Crystal Mills - Dale Mills

OutDaughtered’s Uncle Dale

Dale Mills of OutDaughtered is a doting uncle to the Busby kids. But, he still spends a ton of time with his two children McKenzie Mills and Bronson Mills. Recently, he said his children changed his life for the better. Clearly, Dale is not the kind of parent who sits on the sidelines.

As fans can see, he gets right in the middle of the action with the kiddos. He lets his daughter and nieces do his hair and make-up. Plus, his son is his golfing buddy. No doubt, it’s heartwarming that he includes his kids in everything. And, of course, they are always in one adventure or another with the Busby’s on OutDaughtered.

OutDaughtered: Dale Mills - Hazel Grace Busby

OutDaughtered: Strong Bond with Hazel Grace

It’s no secret Uncle Dale Mills and Hazel Grace Busby are extremely tight on OutDaughtered. However, fans may not know how they became so close. Come to find out, Hazel was the first quint he held at the hospital. Recently, he shared their first photo together saying that was the day “Dazel” began.

So, he bonded with her right away and that bond only gets stronger. No doubt, viewers are over the moon for the uncle/niece duo. These days, #Dazel is incredibly popular and Dale and Hazel love the fans as much as they love them. Recently, Dale opened up on how he feels about being a reality tv personality on OutDaughtered.

Dale Loves the Attention and the Fans

OutDaughtered celeb Dale Mills adores the attention he gets from viewers. Recently, he said he’s not one of those reality stars that shy away from the attention – he relishes it. Also, he said he might come off cocky but he genuinely loves the fans and they pump him up. Plus, he’s been a fan of reality tv for years. So, it’s an awesome experience for him to be a part of it.

Besides that, he assures people that they are 100% real – they are actually as close as they seem. Of course, they spend a ton of time together and their relationships are authentic. Now, Dale says they are real people who just happen to be on TV. He wants to assure people that he is as close with Adam Busby and Nick Mowbray as it appears on OutDaughtered. 

Also, he thinks what makes the show is that the three brothers-in-law are so tight and work together. Clearly, Dale is goofy and a jokester. However, he is kind and compassionate and puts all jokes aside when he needs to. No doubt, this family has each other’s backs. Catch new episodes of OutDaughtered Tuesday’s at 9 pm on TLC to join in the fun with Dale Mills and the Busby crew.

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