‘OutDaughtered’: Hazel Busby Reveals She Has A Boyfriend

OutDaughtered quintuplet Hazel Grace Busby and her family are back on TLC for a new season of their popular show. The season picks up this February just before the Coronavirus pandemic took over the world. However, before that, the quintuplets were enjoying their new school experience. This past school year Danielle and Adam Busby decided to separate Ava, Olivia, Parker, Riley, and Hazel Busby into different classrooms.

In fact, Riley was promoted to the school’s kindergarten class. All the OutDaughtered girls seem to be thriving in their own classrooms without the safety net of a sister to fall back on. However, we learn sassy Hazel Busby just might be having the most fun of all her siblings. Here’s what we know about what makes Hazel’s school days more fun.

TLC’s OutDaughtered: Danielle & Adam Busby Separate The Quints At School

OutDaughtered parents Adam Busby and his wife Danielle Busby made a few major decisions regarding the schooling of their daughters. So, after considerable thought, they decided it would be in all the sisters’ best interest to part ways at school. They even agreed Riley would benefit from the more challenging curriculum kindergarten would offer. The parents also felt this was a chance for Parker to break out of her shell and gain confidence.

All the OutDaughtered siblings prospered in their new classes. So it was a parenting win for Danielle and her spouse Adam. They wanted their girls all to have the chance to grow and become more independent. However, one change the OutDaughtered parents hadn’t prepared for was done of their daughters to discover the opposite sex at such a young age. Their sassy red-headed daughter Hazel Busby not only enjoys the space from her sister in school, but she has also found herself a boyfriend.

OutDaughtered: Hazel Busby

Hazel Busby Has A Boyfriend

OutDaughtered sweetheart Hazel Busby is the first of her bevy of sisters to have a boyfriend. Fans learned last season Hazel is boy crazy as her teachers described it to her parents. It’s all innocent at this young age. It first started with Hazel’s preference to sit next to boys at school. However, now that the girls no longer are classmates, Hazel’s become even more interested in boys. In fact, she reveals she has a boyfriend.

OutDaughtered fans learned from Hazel Busby who her boyfriend is on the latest episode. His name is Graham and he is the tallest boy in her class. The two enjoy spending time together. Hazel’s parents are not worried she has a boyfriend. They are good friends with Graham’s parents and family. So it’s a harmless childhood crush. However, Hazel’s sisters enjoy teasing her about her boyfriend. But Hazel doesn’t care what they think. She tells them she loves him and shrugs off their teasing.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Gives Hazel Advice

Hazel Busby takes her siblings and family’s teasing in stride. She’s not embarrassed to have a boyfriend. Even Uncle Dale Mills joined in the teasing of his niece. It’s very obvious Dale has a close relationship with Hazel. After-all he held Hazel first and made an instant special connection.

Dale asks his niece a very fatherly type question about her boyfriend, “does he have a Porsche?”. Of course, sweet Hazel says no and then Uncle Dale tells her its things like this she needs to pay attention to and look for in the future. No doubt Hazel’s family will continue to poke fun at her for having a boyfriend for many months to come.

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