‘OutDaughtered’: Uncle Dale’s Funky New Workout

OutDaughtered’s Uncle Dale Mills is always up to something interesting. And this time—it’s a little funky. He says he doesn’t like running, so he’s figured out a way around it.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Combats the Dad Bod

Uncle Dale might not be in as good of shape as his wife, Aunt KiKi, aka Crystal Mills—even though he hits the gym. So, it looks like he’s ready to kick things into high gear. But since he doesn’t like running, he had to figure out another way to get his workout in.

Since the quints from OutDaughtered are growing up, he might not have to help chase them as much as he used to. Throughout the years, we’ve seen the quints give Uncle Dale a run for his money. He’s been the Easter Bunny, and he’s been a big lemon for their lemonade stand and much more.

Whatever the case, it seems like he’s having a little bit of a challenge finding a way to run off the pounds. But Uncle Dale wouldn’t allow workouts to be boring. A Dale  Mills workout requires a certain funkiness to it.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Mills

It’s Always More Fun When You Involve Uncles

We did see Adam Busby, Dad from OutDaughtered, working it out at the gym with Dale Mills . But after all of the gyms closing down with COVID-19, people wonder how he’s keeping in shape now. Is he putting on weight like everyone else?

A lot of people are calling it the quarantine fifteen. But many are honest that they are packing a lot more weight than that. It doesn’t seem like that’s okay with Dale though, he’s ready to get rid of those quarantine pounds.

Dale’s latest workout uses a pretty interesting machine. But it’s not an inside machine. It’s an out-where-everyone-can-see-you kind of exercise machine. And it interesting and very OutDaughtered superstar Uncle Dale-like.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Mills

OutDaughtered: Dale Is on the Move

Recently, Uncle Dale from OutDaughtered got his new toy in the mail. There was some assembly, but it didn’t look like it was too hard to put together. We hope that Dale Mills has plenty of room to navigate because that thing looks like it can fly.

It kind of reminds you of what it would look like if an elliptical, and a scooter/bicycle had a baby. But it does look like it calls for a good deal of effort to get it going and keep it going. OutDaughtered viewers are interested to see how this workout routine goes for TLC’s Uncle Dale and his wife.

Since the latest season of the show is taping, maybe we will see him use his newfound toy in one of the episodes.

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