‘My 600-lb Life’: Sean Milliken Dead?

My 600-lb Life fans are worrying over the most recent update about Sean Milliken. After conversations surfacing online, many viewers are wondering if Sean Milliken is dead.

My 600-lb Life: Sean Milliken Pushes 1,000 Pounds

Sean Milliken from My 600-lb Life talks about how he tries not to move around. He says he doesn’t want to move around, not even get off of his bed, because it hurts him too much. Also, he lives with his elderly mother, who tries her best to take care of him. However, Sean’s too big for her to care for by himself. So, she hires in-home nursing care to come help with Sean’s daily bathing tasks.

Also, Sean Milliken from My 600-lb Life says he doesn’t even leave his bed to use the bathroom. Instead, he just slides to the edge of his bed and poops and pees into a tote at the end of his bed. While he’s using the bathroom, a nurse works on cleaning up his open wounds. Then, he talks about how he’s gotten so big, his skin is breaking open. This is leaving him with sores covering his body.

Next, Sean says he’s in a prison inside his own body. He didn’t think he was going to live like this. After taking a trip to get medical help on My 600-lb Life, Dr. Nowzaradan estimates Sean’s eating 20,000 to 30,000 calories a day. Also, he says he expects Sean to weigh close to (or over) 1,000 pounds. The scale puts Sean at 919 pounds – close to what Dr. Now estimated.

My 600-lb Life: Sean Milliken

Is He The Heaviest Person Alive?

On My 600-lb Life, Dr. Nowzaradan talks to Sean Milliken about his size. After learning he currently weighs more than 900 pounds, Dr. Now says he might be the heaviest person alive at the moment. However, he says it’s a miracle Sean’s still alive.

Sean Milliken from My 600-lb Life stays in the hospital for a few weeks to be on a controlled diet. He drops 259-lb, but gets sent home to work on making progress by himself. But, he says he feels upset with all of the restrictions in place because of the diet he’s on. On month six of his health journey, he gets sent to the hospital because of chest pain he’s experiencing. But, Dr. Nowzaradan believes he’s faking the pain to get out of the program.

My 600-lb Life: Sean Milliken

My 600-lb Life: Is Sean Milliken Dead?

Sean Milliken from My 600-lb Life travels to the hospital because he worries he’s having a heart attack. He says his chest is in a lot of pain. But, Dr. Nowzaradan thinks he’s making the pain up. However, after running tests, it’s clear there isn’t anything wrong with him. After losing 259 pounds, he managed to put back on 43 pounds by himself.

Ultimately, Sean Milliken from My 600-lb Life loses his battle against his weight problem. He passed away at the age of 29. His cause of death was complications from battling an infection that caused him to stop breathing. While doctors were able to resuscitate Sean, his heart gave out. He passed on February 17, 2019.

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