‘My 600-lb Life’: Krystal Hall’s Huge Weight Loss Update

My 600-lb Life star Krystal Hall is sharing her dramatic weight loss update after struggling to get control of her health. After struggling through a rough childhood, she’s finally ready to get her size under control.

My 600-lb Life: Krystal Halls Complains About Life Qualify

My 600-lb Life celeb Krystal Hall talks about how she struggles throughout her daily life. This is because of how large she’s gotten in size, due to her uncontrolled eating habit. On the TLC hit show, she admits that she hates waking up in the morning because of how uncomfortable it is to be in her body.

As she steps into the shower, she admits she needs her husband’s health for nearly every part of her day. But, the part of her morning routine she hates the most is looking in a mirror. So, while she has to look into a mirror to shave her face, she says she resents doing this.

Also, on My 600-lb Life, Krystal lists off a long rap sheet of health problems she’s suffering from. First, she says she’s a diabetic and that she suffers from high blood pressure. But, she reveals that she has nerve damage in her stomach from stretching out so much. Lastly, she talks about how she has PCOS, which causes her to grow a lot of facial hair.

My 600-lb Life: Krystal Hall

A Struggle to Slim Down for Episode Star

My 600-lb Life personality Krystal admits that she’s ready to finally drop some pounds. But, the reason behind her wanting to shrink her size is to give her son and husband a better life. Then, she takes her entire family with her to travel to Houston, Texas.

So, after she’s gotten to Houston, she meets up with Dr. Nowzaradan. First, she weighs herself to find that she’s 618-lb. Also, she decides that this isn’t as high of a number as she expects.

My 600-lb Life: Krystal Hall

My 600-lb Life: Krystal Hall Reveals Weight Loss Update

On My 600-lb Life, Krystal swears that she’s ready to get the gastric bypass surgery she needs to save her life. So, she works very hard to cut down on portions, eating healthier, and exercising more. But, she admits she’s fighting with her size because of the history of molestation she suffers from.

Ultimately, Krystal ends up losing 91 pounds. After dropping this massive amount of weight, she receives approval for her surgery. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic hits, forcing her to stay at home. After seven months of staying at home, Krystal goes to a clinic to get her weight on My 600-lb Life. 

Krystal Hall learns she weighs 579-lb, revealing she’s gained 53 pounds while in quarantine. This means that she’s only down 39-lb since she’s started her journey. So, Dr. Nowzaradan cancels her surgery until she stops gaining.

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