‘My 600-lb Life’: Kenae Dolphus Leaves Husband at the Altar

My 600-lb Life celeb Kenae Dolphus comes in at a whopping 614 pounds. This leaves her unable to do many things. And leaves important people in her life wondering where she is.

My 600-lb Life: Kenae Dolphus Sat Down and Now She Can’t Get Up

My 600-lb Life features 41-year-old Kenae Dolphus this week. Kenae says she’s the one that takes care of everyone in the house. Since her sister’s significant other died, she has taken on the responsibility of four children. And the are 3 other adults that live in the house with them. The children take care of her as well. They help wash her in the mornings and do basic tasks for her.

A few years ago, Kenae Dolphus lost the ability to walk on her own. Making a permanent spot on the family’s couch was the way to go. Kenae talks about how she doesn’t leave her house ever. When starting her weight loss journey, it was a huge accomplishment to walk to her car. Weight-loss professionals warned her about her size and that she needed to lose 100 pounds in one month.

My 600-lb Life Kenae Dolphus

Reality Star Doesn’t Know About You, But Shes Feeling 22

My 600-lb Life person of interest Kenae Dolphus started Dr. Nowzaradan’s weight loss program and was told she needs to drop 500 pounds to be healthy. In her first two months of the program, she was tasked with losing 100 pounds. After Kenae’s second visit to the office, it is revealed that she only lost 22 pounds. Dr. Now tells her that this is not enough and she is not taking this program seriously.

This makes Kenae Dolphus angry. She goes on to explain that she is trying, and losing 22 pounds is a huge triumph. That she is now able to walk to the car on her own. She then says that she understands 22 pounds is not where she should be, but it’s a start. Dr. Nowzaradan tells her she is not trying to lose weight. Also, that Kenae must try even harder to meet his expectations.

My 600-lb Life Kenae Dolphus

‘My 600-lb Life’: Kenae Dolphus A Walking Talking Miracle

My 600-lb Life headliner Kenae Dolphus is used to letting herself down by not moving due to her size. She cries, explaining how she can’t even walk to her mom’s grave. Her husband is frequently a victim of this. He is a pastor at a church to which she does not attend. Kenae can’t live up to her own expectations of a pastor’s wife. She leaves him standing in front of the church every Sunday.

Now, Kenae is trying to lose weight to get around. Hitting personal goals of getting to her own mother’s grave. She is now able to go to church with her husband. Also, she shows off videos online of her going with her husband to church.

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