‘Married to Medicine Los Angeles’: Dr. Imani Walker and Husband Phil Johnson Still Together?

Married to Medicine Los AngelesDr. Imani Walker and husband Phil Johnson are dealing with time away from each other. But are they still together now? After her husband staying away for a long time, people are worried that the couple is over for good.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Season 2 Sadness for Dr. Imani Walker

Viewers of Married to Medicine Los Angeles know Imani Walker and Phil Johnson as one of the cutest couples on the show. Phil always pays attention to Imani and they seem to enjoy each other’s company. 6 years of marriage and they seem to be best friends. What went wrong?

Marriage problems don’t just mean problems for Imani, however. Her son, Idris is also going to be affected by any potential problems. He has been in their life for a long time. But maybe he would continue to see Idris even after they split.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Imani Walker

Imani’s Husband Phil Johnson Doesn’t Want to Come Back from Oklahoma

Oklahoma is Phil Johnson’s home state for those people that wondered why he would start a business there. Married to Medicine Los Angeles‘ Imani supported Phil in his decision to go out and work on his business. In the beginning, things were tough, but Phil still came back home. But after a little while, things began to look a little less than rosy when they spoke on the phone.

After Dr. Britten Cole pointed out that she wasn’t getting what she needed, Imani asked Phil if he wanted to come back home. He didn’t seem to want to come back, so eventually, Imani told him she wants a divorce. As a matter of fact it seems that Phil isn’t bothered by her request for a divorce.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Imani Walker

Season 2 of ‘Married to Medicine Los Angeles’ is Heating Up

Imani Walker is going through a lot on this season of Married to Medicine Los Angeles that airs Sunday nights at 8 pm on Bravo. Last season she had her drama with Jazmin John and now it’s her and her husband. In an upcoming episode, we are going to see her talking with her Mother about how to move forward and make it easier for her son.

It seems that Phil from M2M LA wants Imani to pack up his things. But she doesn’t want to clean up his mess or have to tell her son by herself. She says, “You can’t change nobody.”

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