‘Married to Medicine Los Angeles’: Dr. Imani Walker Shares Shocking Truth

Married to Medicine Los AngelesDr. Imani Walker says people always think doctors have it together. But she shared that she has her own struggles with mental health. In fact, she dealt with depression and anxiety. Not long ago, Imani shared with the public how she is dealing with these challenges.

Married to Medicine: Imani Walker Opens Up About Her Struggle

Imani Walker of Married to Medicine Los Angeles says she opened up about her struggle for multiple reasons. One is because she wants to give a face to the illnesses. And rried to medic says she wants to show you can achieve success even with genetic setbacks in your way.

During this time, Imani Walker from Married to Medicine LA shared that she now takes medication to help with these challenges. Imani said, at first, she did not want to take any medication. But after a lot of convincing and resisting in the beginning, Imani decided to start taking them. She also went on to say that it has helped her a lot.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Imani Walker

Making It Through a Difficult Childhood – M2M LA Confessions

Many believe Imani Walker’s depression and anxiety are due to her difficult childhood. When she was a young girl, her father left her and her mother. She’s in contact with him now, but they’ve never been face-to-face since her childhood. Her sister and nephew, however, came out to Los Angeles and see her.

Also, her hurt goes beyond her childhood abandonment as Imani reveals her husband, Married to Medicine‘s Phil Johnson and her are on the outs.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Imani Walker

Married to Medicine: More Sharing on the LA Spinoff by Imani

Many times Imani comes across as distant. When you see her on Married to Medicine Los Angeles on Bravo Sunday nights at 9, she doesn’t seem the warmest person. Even so, it seems like Imani Walker came a long way. Many of the women on the show are starting to see a side of her that they didn’t know existed.

The softer and more caring side of her is appealing to the friends on the show. Dr. Britten Cole said that friends are there to share things. Imani Walker and Britten knew each other since college, so it makes sense they’d be closer than others on the show.

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