‘Married to Medicine Los Angeles’: Why Is Dr. Imani Walker Bald?

Married to Medicine Los AngelesDr. Imani Walker gets a lot of attention from her striking presence. Her baldness is one of the main things people notice about her right away. Many fans are asking why she is bald.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Imani Walker Is Always Ready to Impress

Since the first time we met Imani Walker from Married to Medicine Los Angles that comes on Bravo Sunday nights at 8 pm, she’s always walked into the room with confidence. People notice two things about Imani very quickly. One of those things is that Imani is tall and the other of those things is that she is bald. But once people meet her, what they remember is that she is always on.

By always on, we mean that Dr. Imani Walker is always ready with a quick comeback. Or she’s ready to counsel someone that is having a problem. Imani seems to have a problem leaving work at work. And she’s definitely not shown any interest in getting in on the themed parties.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Imani Walker

No Cancer or Alopecia

Viewers of Married to Medicine Los Angeles are asking if Imani Walker has cancer or alopecia. She shared that she does not have either of these. But she did say that she sends much love to those that do.  Imani went on to say that she’s been shaving her head from around the age of 17, so over 20 years.

Imani Walker’s reason for why she shaves her head bald is simply because she feels like it. If you remember in season 1 of Married to Medicine LA, she went to get a tattoo with Dr. Britten Cole. Imani’s tattoo says Ether and she got it simply because she felt like it.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles: Imani Walker

Married to Medicine Los Angeles Season 2 Is Heating Up

In season 2 of Married to Medicine Imani and Jazmin are still at it. It doesn’t seem like they are truly going to move past the drug dealer house comment. Even though there is a lot of drama on the show already, it’s likely that things are just getting started.

We noticed this season that Dr. Noelle Reid and Asha Kamali are no longer on the show. But it doesn’t seem to be keeping anyone from watching the show. There’s still plenty of people to have a conflict with on the show. And who knows who is going to show up before the season finale.

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