‘Married to Medicine’: Dr. Contessa Metcalfe Slays with Spicy New Look

Married to Medicine‘s Dr. Contessa Metcalfe is turning heads with her hot new look. In fact, fans say she’s never looked better.

Married to Medicine: Contessa Metcalfe Gets What She Wants

The last season of Married to Medicine viewers saw Contessa Metcalfe going back and forth between Nashville, TN, and her home in Atlanta, Georgia. On the couple’s trip to Cabo, it looked like she and her husband Walter Scott Metcalfe were going to call it quits. The “Mexican Messy Boots” game didn’t help anything either.

Contessa and Scott were fighting because she quit school to come back home with the kids. But in the end, she got to go back, and Scott fully supported her. And it looks like she’s heading straight for her goals.

In true Bravo’s Contessa style, she can’t go toward her goals without looking amazing. Recent photos show her with some gorgeous makeup and beautiful hair. And fans are here for it.

Married to Medicine: Contessa Metcalfe

Contessa Looks Good While She Has Her Cake & Eats It Too

Recently, after all of the mess on Married to Medicine, fans worried Contessa Metcalfe would have some problems. The good news is that she seems to be just as happy and thriving as ever. Despite all of the drama from last season, the reunion episode pointed toward blue skies for Contessa.

Recently, Dr. Heavenly Kimes spoke with Contessa about how things are going. Some of the things Heavenly said were a little confusing. One of the things she hinted was that Contessa recently moved into the home she lives in. But Contessa said she’s always been in that zip code.

Despite Heavenly trying to stir the pot, Contessa of Married to Medicine Atlanta is keeping her head up. She said she isn’t going to get into any drama. But that was after she accidentally let some tea spill.

Married to Medicine: Contessa Metcalfe

Married to Medicine: Firing Drama

All of the recent firings on Married to Medicine didn’t upset Contessa Metcalfe. In fact, she said that she’s got plenty of emails in her inbox when Heavenly asked her about a contract. And she went on to say that she didn’t expect to go anywhere.

The reason they talked about this is that cast member Mariah Huq said she didn’t get a contract. She put out a video where she looked in her mailbox and told followers to look and see if they got her contract.

Despite how gorgeous Contessa Metcalfe looks now, it seems like she’s sick of drama. Her face isn’t very happy in her new hairdo picture, and she said, “Heading into this week like.”

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