‘Married at First Sight’: Zach Justice Dishes on Wife Mindy in Exclusive Interview

Married at First Sight star Zach Justice (Mindy Shiben‘s husband) talked with Soap Dirt and gave us a little insight about his time on the Lifetime show. Zach is on the rocks with Mindy Shiben so far this season on the Lifetime show.

With things taking a turn for the worse in the marriage early, watchers want to learn more about how he views his wife and the MAFS process. Mindy Shiben’s new husband shared with Soap Dirt his take. What did he have to say?

Married at First Sight Interview: Zach Justice Out of His Comfort Zone

Soap Dirt Magazine (SD):  What is the scariest thing about your time on MAFS?

Zach Justice (ZJ): “The uncertainty and unknown of what is to come. I’m a total situational control freak. I love to have the facts and calculate. This put me outside of my comfort zone”.

Soap Dirt: What is the big takeaway you want the audience to know?

(ZJ): “I did a terrible job of just being myself, and constantly tried to have the right answers to any situation, whether good or bad”.

Married at First Sight: Mindy Shiben - Zach Justice

MAFS: Zach’s Take on Bride Mindy Shiben

Zach Justice struggles with attraction this season on Married at First Sight. And, it rubs Mindy Shiben the wrong way. Zach Justice told SD that pastor Calvin Roberson preached “potential” and “tenacity”. Zach revealed he “struggled to see any potential”. But, he said “the ‘tenacity’ part stuck to at least try and see it through with good intentions”.

Zach’s level of attraction to wife Mindy Shiben is a major sticking point for the pair this season on Married at First Sight. And, he said he had to “attach emotion” in order to make sure she was his type of attractive. And, that the attraction was “TO her”.

Interestingly, Zach Justice said Mindy Shiben’s “wit was noticeable”. And, Zach went on to say it drew him in. Meanwhile, despite the issues the pair go through on the current season of Married at First Sight, Zach said he wouldn’t change anything about who Mindy Shiben is or what she does.

The Toughest Part About Married at First Sight for Zach Justice

Zach Justice said he “doesn’t show a lot of emotion” when it comes to sharing his thought process. Meanwhile, he said spouse Mindy Shiben was “very emotionally driven” during their time on MAFS. And, he added that the strain in their relationship came due to their “communication styles”.

It turns out Married at First Sight was “tougher” than Zach Justice imagined. When asked how being a southern gentleman impacted his approach to MAFS, Zach said: “Ironically It felt like it went right out the window when trying to navigate this whole social experiment”.

Zach’s clients look to him for advice and seek him out to help them change their lives for the better. But, the shoe was on the other foot for him while filming Married at First Sight. He said: “I actually found myself in the shoes of my clients”. He added that it felt “like you’re losing control of a situation”. And, that he had “a hard time navigating back to some sort of equilibrium in order to be open minded to change”.

Zach’s wife Mindy also gave Soap Dirt an exclusive interview and you should see what she said about Zach.

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