‘Married at First Sight’: Major Legal Difference for MAFS Cast

Married at First Sight television has a few major differences in one of the countries. Fans of the Lifetime show couldn’t believe what they found out about Australia’s legal commitment.

Married at First Sight: Saying Yes to a Stranger

The whole idea of Married at First Sight is to see how people act when they marry a stranger after experts match them. The experts want to see if the marriage will make people stick it out through tough times. And if it will mean more people stay together and experience true love.

The show started out in Denmark, but there are many countries that have their own versions of Married at First Sight. In the American version, there are more than 10 seasons of the show. And the experts have mixed results—to say the least.

Brandon Reid and Michael Watson Both Won Annulments

Recently, two of the husbands from season 10 of Married at First Sight won annulments from the courts. Michael Watson and Brandon Reid are now single men with no marriage on their records. And fans are interested to see that one country doesn’t have to worry about the legal ramifications of marrying a stranger.

Married at First Sight: Taylor Dunklin - Brandon Reid

Australia’s Weird Way of Marrying at First Sight

Because of legal restrictions in Australia, Married at First Sight cast members can’t enter into a legally-binding marriage. They do meet as strangers, but they only have a ceremony that looks official. If they want to stay together after the show, then they go through with the legal marriage.

In the most recent season of Australia’s Marriage at First Sight, there was an all-new level of drama. Switching partners, cheating accusations, and more rocked the show. And viewers aren’t sure how much of it is real.

The reason the couples can’t get married on the show is because of the notice Australia requires. The Australian Marriage Act of 1961 requires a one month and one day notice before the couple can marry. And that is why the producers say they couldn’t have the couples enter into a legal marriage.

Married At First Sight: Australia - David Cannon - Hayley Vernon

Married at First Sight: What Does This Mean for MAFS?

In light of this information, viewers of Married at First Sight in Australia aren’t sure the couples get the same experience. Spouses in other countries have to work through the process knowing a time-intensive divorce awaits them if they don’t stick it out. But couples in Australia don’t have that staring them in the face.

Viewers think Married at First Sight is still fun even if there isn’t the legal part to it. But they don’t agree that it gives the same feel and result to the cast. Whatever the case, there doesn’t seem to be a way around it for the Australians.

Now with the two annulments, fans wonder if this will change things for Married at First Sight. But it’s likely fans will still watch even if it wasn’t a real marriage.

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