‘Married at First Sight’: Woody Randall Rocks Fresh Haircut – See ‘Shake Back’

Married at First Sight‘s Woody Randall changed up his look again after he said he looked “tore up,” but he went to “the best barber” to get fixed up. And Woody said to check out his shake back.

Married at First Sight Update: Woody Randall Makes a Big Splash

Woody Randall keeps Married at First Sight interesting with his commentary. And let’s not forget his words of wisdom he drops from time to time. But one of the things fans like about him the most is his fashion sense and cool looks.

When Woody and Amani married on Married at First Sight, fans applauded Woody Randall’s effort. Not only did he look amazing, but he put in work to make his wife feel comfortable. Amani seemed like she thought he was attractive right off the bat, and the same was true for Woody toward his new wife.

Despite his family and friends saying they thought he wasn’t ready for Married at First Sight, Woody worked to prove them wrong. And he made sure he looked extra good while he did it. Production showed Woody at the barber one time, but it looks like he frequents this hot spot on the regular.

Married at First Sight: Amani - Woody Randall

Woody Heads to the Best Barber

Lifetime’s Woody Randall told viewers he looked rough and that he needed to get fixed. And if there was anyone to do it, that it was his favorite barber. It didn’t take long, and Woody had his fresh and clean look right back.

He joked that he had a shake back. And fans said that his hair always looks cool. The star shows off his look a lot, and viewers of Married at First Sight are always ready to see what he tries out next.

When we saw the barbershop on MAFS, Woody’s buddy and castmate Miles Williams was with him. But this time, it looked like he was hitting the shop solo.

Married at First Sight: Woody Randall

Married at First Sight: Preparing for Marital Bliss

With Decision Day looming, fans hope that it’s happily ever after for Woody and his wife, Amani. The two are doing well on Married at First Sight, but the last episode put fans on edge, wondering if they will make it. Amani didn’t like how her husband responded to her, so fans hope she doesn’t switch her answer to a no.

The Married at First Sight star doesn’t think he has anything to worry about. In fact, when he spoke with his grandmother, he said they had a love like his grandparents. And that seemed to be a  big compliment.

Whatever the case, watchers of Married at First Sight hope Woody and wife Amani make it. And many people want to have a spin-off of the couple.

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