‘Married at First Sight’: Zach Still Not Moving in – Mindy Shiben’s Friends Call Him Out

Married at First Sight has Mindy Shiben’s friends confronting Zach Justice regarding their living situation. And, they’re fed up with his antics. This newly married pair is already on the rocks early on in their marriage. And, living apart causes an even bigger rift. What else do leaks reveal about this troubled MAFS pair?

Married at First Sight: Unattracted Zach Justice and Mindy Don’t Move in Together

On the current season of Married at First Sight, Zach and Mindy Shiben don’t return to the same living space. Moving in together is a big part of being married. And, for MAFS couples, it gives them a chance to get to know one another soon after walking down the aisle. But, that’s not the case for Zach Justice and new bride Mindy Shiben.

Based on recent leaks, not only are they not living together now. But, they don’t live together for the duration of their marriage. Zach Justice struggles with attraction issues and those issues wear on Mindy. And, MAFS spoilers show there’s an even bigger strain on the relationship.

Married at First Sight has one of Mindy’s friends confronts Zach Justice about their living situation. Zach has a tendency to talk in circles. And, that often creates more confusion than clarity. Mindy Shiben’s pal doesn’t trust him and doesn’t like all his “pretty words that mean nothing”.

MAFS: Trouble Early and Often for Mindy Shiben and Husband Zach

Only a few days into their Married at First Sight journey, Mindy Shiben and groom Zach Justice were on the rocks. Zach said openly that the attraction to his wife isn’t there. And, even though Mindy does her best to roll with the punches and give her husband space, his disinterest wears on her. She called him a “fu***** di**h***” in a recent MAFS episode. And, she is fed up with his antics.

In addition, there are other little things that annoy Mindy Shiben. Zach Justice didn’t wear his wedding ring during their honeymoon in Panama. Meanwhile, Mindy and the other wives all wore their new pieces of jewelry. Mindy told Zach little things like that make her think he doesn’t take their marriage seriously. On top of that, Zach seems to have a response for every situation.

And, it’s never what Mindy wants to hear. Mindy Shiben says in Married at First Sight teaser clips she’s willing to let Zach Justice take baby steps. But, she also needs him to prove to her that he is committed to the marriage and willing to put forth the effort to make things work. Zach Justice tells Mindy Shiben he’s “still in this” following their conversation with pastor Calvin Roberson.

And, she gives him another chance. Meanwhile, Married at First Sight hope the show drops him (but they won’t).

Early Red Flags on Married at First Sight?

MAFS leaks say Zach and Mindy go their separate ways on Decision Day. And, knowing that puts the early drama they currently deal with into perspective. Zach Justice doesn’t find wife Mindy Shiben attractive. And, despite his talk of wanting to build that attraction, it doesn’t seem like he puts forth the effort to make things work with his wife.

In addition, leaks say Zach Justice has an “emotional affair” with one of Mindy’s bridesmaids as things between them go south. Zach told SD exclusively that their different communication styles strained their marriage. Zach said he doesn’t show a lot of emotion when communicating. And, that Mindy, on the other hand, is very “emotionally driven”. So, it seems they butt heads when it comes to that. And, things like not moving in together certainly don’t help the situation.

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