‘Married at First Sight New Orleans’: Cast & Premiere Date Revealed – 5 Couples on MAFS NOLA

Married at First Sight is back to Lifetime with a new cast of hopeful lovebirds in New Orleans for Season 11. We now have the cast names and photos, so you can see who is going to tie the knot with a complete stranger. Will it be love, or will it go up in flames? Check out the info on MAFS NOLA, including the official premiere date.

Married at First Sight New Orleans: Experts Are Back and Ready to Make Matches

The experts from Married at First Sight that airs on Lifetime are back and ready to help people find love. The three experts have helped many couples throughout the years. And this year, there are five new couples in need of the matchmaker’s help down in the Crescent City.

The five new couples deal with special challenges because of the pandemic. The Married at First Sight cameras taped all the weddings back in February. Then, the couples did some self filming due to the restrictions of COVID-19.

So, yes, the show is going to be different, but fans of MAFS NOLA hope it’s going to be amazing. Given the popularity of MAFS Couples Cam, also self-shot, it might be better than ever.

Married at First Sight: Season 11 Names

Meet Olivia & Brett and Karen & Miles Alexander Williams of MAFS NOLA

Olivia of Married at First Sight NOLA is 30, and her parents raised her in Louisiana. She’s done well in her career in nursing and is now ready to put the same effort into a relationship. Her match Brett is 35 and also grew up in Louisiana. He has a successful career in IT. And he says with hope, that arranged marriages have been a primary means of matchmaking for much of human history.

Karen is 30 and was born in Louisiana and works as a consultant in New Orleans since her graduation. Karen is ready to take the plunge with MFAS NOLA because she’s been single for five years and believes the experts can help. Miles Alexander is 26, was born in South Carolina, and loves working with young children and adults. Miles doesn’t think he has a lot of options currently and believes the Married at First Sight experts can get it right.

Married at First Sight New Orleans: Names

Married at First Sight NOLA: Amani & Woody Randall  Look for Love

Amani is 29, born in California, and raised in Chicago, made her way to New Orleans because of school. Amani loves her work with non-profits, but she is also ready to find a life partner with whom she can share her passions. Woody Randall is 30, born in NOLA, and is currently coaching and teaching there. He is looking for someone to share his love and kindness and is counting on the experts.

MAFS New Orleans: Christina & Henry Rodriguez

Christina is 30, born in Louisana, and never knew her biological father. She is a flight attendant who hasn’t put much effort into dating after her five-year relationship fizzled. But, she’s hopeful she’ll find love on Married at First Sight New Orleans. Henry Rodriguez is 35, born in Louisiana, and enjoys an established career as a clinical recruiter. Henry looking for a partner and feels he’s gone through every approach—unsuccessfully.

Dr. Amelia Fatsi & Improve Actor Bennett Kirschner

Virginia native Amelia Fatsi, is completing her medical residency. Her grandparents had an arranged marriage, and she believes you can fall in love with almost anyone. Bennett Kirschner is 28, grew up in New Jersey, and is the artistic director at a theater company. He’s been through a lot of unsuccessful relationships but hopes MAFS will be the one.

Watch for MAFS NOLA on Lifetime starting Wednesday, July 15 – it’s exciting in this day of re-runs and streaming binges to get new content – so get ready.

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