‘Married at First Sight New Orleans’: Predictions – Who Splits and Who Stays Married

Married at First Sight New Orleans predictions are in. Who splits and who stays married? Now that we know a little bit more about the couples, we have an idea of who is going to be a good match and which couples will go up in flames.

Married at First Sight New Orleans: The Couples Who Will Split

The first red flag couple we see right away is Olivia and Brett. Fans are freaking out because Olivia is this sweet and cute girl that is looking for love. And it seems like Brett is a bit of a playboy after his last engagement went south. Some are even calling him this season’s villain.

Another couple Married at First Sight fans are worried about is Karen and Miles Alexander Williams. There is some pre-wedding drama going on between the two already and people are betting they split because Miles is younger than Karen wants her husband to be. He’s just twenty-six and she has a theory that men are seven years behind women.

There have been some Married at First Sight couples that surprised us. But many people wonder if that’s going to be the case with these couples. For us, we believe these two couples are going to split.

Married at First Sight - Olivia - Brett

Couples Who Will Stay Married

Now on to the couples from Married at First Sight that will stay married. Couple number one is definitely Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner. Fans are loving their quirky personalities and their lifestyles. But will they mesh together? The lack of a toilet in Bennett’s tiny house he built on his own worries some people. But we think they can work it out.

Woody Randall and Amani are another fan favorite. It is true that Amani puts off a little bit of a vibe that she isn’t too outgoing, but once the experts saw her social media, they could see she loves to go out. The couple both enjoy fashion and have many of the same values, so we’re saying—staying together.

Last but not least is Christina and Henry Rodriguez. Separate these two Married at Fight Sight cast members are cute and somewhat nervous people, but after they get together people hope they’ll open up. There is a little worry on the part of Henry with him bring a very attractive female friend to his interview. But we think they are going to win out.

Married at First Sight - Bennett - Amelia

What to Look Forward to In Season 11 of Married at First Sight NOLA

The new season of Married at First Sight New Orleans premieres on July 15th at 8 pm on Lifetime. It looks like we are going to get a very interesting bachelor party. From Brett hitting on Henry’s friend to Bennett’s lack of stripper knowledge, it’s definitely going to be entertaining.

The bachelorette party is another wild one, but what do you think you’re going to get in NOLA? The city is a party city and there’s plenty of fun to have there. The only one that seems to be having a problem with the partying is Christina of MFAS NOLA. But we think that’s a good thing since her match is Henry and they seem very much alike.

Look out for lots of drama and unexpected turns you wouldn’t have thought of. These couples are going to shock us quite a bit, so maybe the predictions are wrong and the villain is actually the hero and visa versa. We’ll find out in less than a week.

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