‘Married at First Sight’: Michael Watson Gives Meka Jones Long Overdue Apology

Married at First Sight star Michael Watson gave himself quite a bad reputation with his lies to Meka Jones. But the Lifetime husband finally came out to say sorry about how he acted during MAFS season 10.

Married at First Sight: Michael Watson Moving on from Meka Jones

Michael Watson made Meka Jones from Married at First Sight feel crazy during their season. She tried her best to get him to open up to her, but it didn’t work. Now, Michael finally admitted that he did her wrong, but only after he found himself a new lady.

Married at First Sight husband Michael Watson started dating a new girl that has a daughter. Fans said he looked really happy with his new girl. But there were still a lot of people that said he was a liar, and they hoped she didn’t get taken by Michael.

Right after Michael Watson shared his happiness about his engagement, he decided to say sorry to Meka. Married at First Sight viewers think his new girlfriend might have made him turn into a better person. And they hope the apology he gave was a sincere one.

Married at First Sight: Michael Watson - Meka Jones

Michael Thanks Meka for Everything

Married at First Sight hubby Michael said he should have apologized to Meka Jones a long time ago. But he said he was too proud and had too much ego going on to tell the truth. Michael Watson said he did lie, shut down and fail to communicate with Meka during his time on the show.

Michael felt bad that he didn’t protect Meka Jones like he should. In fact, he said he was sorry that he hurt her instead of doing his job to protect her. Michael said Meka called him on his BS and made him accountable for the things he did.

MAFS fans shared their surprise when Michael Meka taught him a lot of lessons and that he was grateful. He went on to say that he would not welcome any Meka Jones hate going forward. And that he was glad for the great journey they went on together.

Married at First Sight: Michael Watson

Married at First Sight: Living Happy Lives Separately

Both Meka and ex-husband Michael seem to be much happier than when they were together. Michael Watson is entering into marriage again, and Meka Jones is keeping busy with her single life. She hasn’t talked about dating anyone yet, but fans of Married at First Sight said they would understand if she felt traumatized.

Meka from MAFS has fun taking pictures of her cute mini poodle. And she even went down to Mexico to hang out with Mindy Shiben. It doesn’t look like she’s hurting when it comes to her lifestyle and happiness.

Michael of Married at First Sight was very happy when he got his annulment. As a matter of fact, he and Brandon Reid are the only people that ever got an annulment on the show.

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