‘Married At First Sight’: Meka Jones – Wonky Wedding Dress Ruins Her Big Day?

Married at First Sight cast member Meka Jones seems to have cold feet on the Lifetime show about her marriage go Michael Watson. Jones panicked about her wedding dress fitting poorly on the bodice. But will a wardrobe malfunction ruin her big day?

Meka Jones is a very independent woman from Baltimore. Her MAFS bio says that at times she does not know her self-worth and she has struggled to find healthy relationships. And her anxieties are on full display as she gears up to walk down the aisle.

Married at First Sight: Meka Jones Wedding Is Coming Up – She Doesn’t Feel Confident

Not every couple felt the awkwardness together. Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman had more than fireworks on their wedding night. In a Married at First Sight  promo, Derek confirmed that he and Katie slept together. Will it be the same for Meka Jones?

Many fans thought Katie was being deceitful toward Derek for still having feelings for her ex. Now it seems that Katie has changed her mind about her ex-boyfriend. But will more drama ensure? Also, MAFS couple Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd shared many kisses despite Jessica wanting a man with a dark hair full beard. But, Meka Jones does not feel confident in her new wedding dress.

Meka Jones Says “I Can’t” in Promo

Following the final moments of another successful Married at First Sight ceremony, Meka Jones is shown worried about her dress. She starts to cry to her friends and family. Meka tells her bridesmaids that the dress is “too big”. Meka is also worried that her new husband is going to get a “peep show”.

Jones panics while pulling her dress back up as it almost slips down several times. Many viewers wondered why Jones’ dress was not altered for her. But her family told her she looked fine. Later, we see Meka Jones about to meet her groom. Next, Jones is saying “I can’t” under her breath.

Will Meka Jones Avoid the Aisle Over Dress Mess on Married at First Sight?

Paired with Meka Jones is husband-to-be Michael Watson. Married at First Sight experts are sure Meka and Michael will be a good match. Jones seemed confident in her decision to marry a stranger.

But a loose-fitting dress might change her mind completely. Viewers were quick to comment saying she was overreacting. While some said that Meka deserves the dress of her dreams. But is it enough to call off a wedding? The question is, will Meka Jones be Married at First Sight’s first runaway bride?

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