‘Married at First Sight’: Michael Selfish and Meka Jones Frustrated as Decision Day Looms

Married at First Sight spoilers report Michael Watson thinking about himself and Meka Jones at her limit with her husband. There are a number of issues in this marriage. And, things come down to the wire as Decision Day looms. Do the MAFS pair stay together on Decision Day?

Married at First Sight Spoilers: Issues for Meka Jones & Michael Watson All Season

Meka Jones and Michael Watson face issues all season long on Married at First Sight. Michael slept in a separate bedroom on their honeymoon when things went south. And, they never recovered from that point. Meka Jones is very matter-of-fact. And, that comes across as cold to Michael Watson.

Meanwhile, Michael Watson shuts down when things get intense. And, this only makes the situation worse. Married at First Sight spoilers show the couple hash out the “ripple effect” this causes in their marriage. Meka comes across as abrasive, Michael shuts down, and the cycle repeats. Meka wants to open up and be vulnerable with her husband. But, her walls are up.

Married at First Sight: Michael Watson - Meka Jones

MAFS: Michael Not Living Up to Meka Jones’ Expectations?

Married at First Sight spoilers show Meka Jones confronts Michael Watson about a number of things leading up to Decision Day. Michael tunes his wife out. And, even in the car, he puts headphones in and doesn’t talk to Meka. This rubs her the wrong way and leads to more tension between them.

Meka Jones says she carries the entire marriage. And, she feels Michael doesn’t step up as a husband. She wants him to be someone she can rely on. And, she doesn’t feel like she can do that after weeks of marriage to her spouse. On top of his issues with lying, Meka Jones feels he always puts himself first. And, her guard is up as a result.

Do Married at First Sight Couple Stay Together?

As Soap Dirt previously reported, Michael Watson and bride Meka Jones call it quits on Decision Day. And, Michael files an annulment immediately after filming. In addition, the pair never consummate their marriage. He says in MAFS spoilers that she isn’t compassionate or tender. His uncle died while filming. And, he feels she didn’t support him as he went through that.

On Meka Jones’ end of things, she feels like she can’t trust her husband. He lies to her throughout the Married at First Sight season. And, she thinks he isn’t truly happy with himself deep down. Meanwhile, he does things like choose his bagged lunch and give his wife the meal he doesn’t want without asking her first. It’s little things like this that show Meka he doesn’t care about her or their marriage.

Meka Jones feels like she can’t count on Michael Watson. And, because of how things go down in this marriage, it’s clear there are too many hurdles for them to overcome. Despite wanting to marry and wanting to make things work, that’s not enough for these two on Decision Day.

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