‘Married at First Sight’: Michael Watson’s Math Right – Meka in the Wrong?

Married at First Sight pair Michael Watson and Meka Jones got into a big fight recently over finances – were Michael’s numbers right? Meka called her husband out for lying about a job offer. And, she said his numbers don’t add up in terms of his overall salary. But, did he have his math right? What’s the scoop?

Married at First Sight Update: Meka Jones Calls Michael a Liar

On an episode of Married at First Sight, Meka Jones and groom Michael Watson compared finances. Sharing the financial burden is a huge aspect of married life. And, Meka wanted to know where things stood if they planned on moving forward with their lives together.

But, things took a turn on Married at First Sight when it came time for Michael to share his financial situation. He showed his wife an offer letter with earning numbers. But, Meka Jones felt something didn’t add up. And, she went after her husband and called him a liar. But, did Michael Watson have his math right?

Married at First Sight: Michael Watson

Married at First Sight: Do Michael Watson’s Numbers Add Up?

On Married at First Sight, Meka Jones said numbers are her thing. And, she called out her husband for what she saw as sketchy figures. But, did Michael add things up correctly? Michael’s job offer letter was for an after school program director. And, when dealing with pay through the school system, things break down differently.

Michael Watson said his salary is the equivalent of $90k on Married at First Sight. In reality he gets paid roughly $65k thanks to a leak of his offer letter circulating online. But, since he works for the school system, that’s $65k for roughly eight and a half months of work. So, spread out over a full calendar year, Michael is on pace to net the equivalent of a $90k salary.

For many people, they hear $60k or $90k as a base salary and take that literally. And, that may be how Meka Jones took it. Did she jump the gun too early? In addition, for some jobs that are only part-year, the format for offers can be worded differently. Some schools give employees the option of receiving money over the nine months they work. Or, spread out over the full twelve-month year. Moreover, words like “annualized” come into play so employees qualify for things like health benefits year-round.

Do Michael’s Lies Skew Meka’s View?

Michael Watson lying to wife Meka Jones is a major part of their storyline this season on Married at First Sight. Meka wants her husband to be honest with her. But, Michael has a history of fibbing that stretches back to childhood. He lied to her about being a yoga instructor and a number of other things. But, did he tell the truth when it came to his salary?

If you take $65k and divide by 8.5 months, then take that monthly pay and multiply by 12, you get $90k. So, it looks like Married at First Sight husband Michael Watson had his math right. It could be Meka Jones isn’t used to school contracts and jumped the gun when it came to accusing her husband of lying.

Things escalated quickly on Married at First Sight and Meka stormed out of their apartment. She told producers she wants out. And, Michael Watson tends to shut down when things get heated. So, it doesn’t look like they ever got the chance to resolve this issue between them. In addition, according to MAFS leaks, Michael files an annulment. So, it’s clear they never recover from this as a married couple.

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