‘Married at First Sight’: Michael Fibs About His Job – Meka Jones Loses it Over His Lies

Married at First Sight spoilers show Meka Jones and spouse Michael Watson compare finances – and she flips out over his lies concerning his job. Michael lying is a sticking point in their marriage. And, when talking about their financial situation, the numbers don’t add up. What else do teaser clips reveal?

Married at First Sight Spoilers: Michael Watson and Meka Jones Crunch the Numbers

Married at First Sight husband and wife Meka Jones and Michael Watson recommitted to their marriage on the previous episode of the Lifetime show. But, MAFS spoilers for the next episode say they’re ready to call it quits. And, for Meka Jones, something doesn’t add up in Michael’s story.

Sharing the financial burden is a big part of marriage. And, Meka asks husband Michael Watson how much money he makes on the next episode of Married at First Sight. But, rather than give wife Meka Jones a straight answer, Michael makes excuses about not getting his pay stubs – among other things.

Married at First Sight: Meka Jones - Michael Watson

MAFS: Meka Calls Michael Out for Lying – Did He Forge His Job Offer Letter?

According to Michael Watson, he has no pay stubs to show his wife because he just got hired. So, all he has to show her is an offer letter. But, based on what Meka Jones sees, something doesn’t add up. She sees this as sketchy and doesn’t think it’s a real offer letter. Michael Watson lied to his wife about a number of things. And, she thinks her husband forged the letter.

Meka Jones confronts her husband directly. But, he says the proof is in the pay stub he doesn’t have yet. Meanwhile, he writes down different salary numbers mid-conversation on Married at First Sight. And, Meka reaches her limit. Meka Jones has a math degree and she calls her husband’s bluff. Meanwhile, Married at First Sight spoilers show she storms out of the room and vents to producers outside.

Final Straw for Married at First Sight Pair?

Married at First Sight watchers keeping up with spoilers and leaks know Meka Jones and groom Michael Watson call it quits. The pair separated as soon as filming on the season wrapped. And, Michael Watson filed an annulment shortly after that. Many MAFS fans want to know what the final straw is for the pair. And, with the current season winding down, this may be it.

Michael Watson lied to Meka Jones throughout the Married at First Sight season. He lied about teaching yoga – along with a number of other things. Meka doesn’t feel like she can trust her husband. And, this seems to be the breaking point for her.

Married at First Sight spoilers report the married pair sit down with Dr Vivianna Coles to try and work through their issues. At the end of the day, Meka wants Michael to stop lying. If not, she’s ready to walk away.

Michael says he learned to lie as a”survival tactic” in life. But, it backfires in his marriage. Michael is adopted. And, he lied about it early so people wouldn’t tease him. Meanwhile, some of those behaviors continue into adulthood for him.

Based on Married at First Sight leaks, Michael opens up too little too late in his marriage to Meka because the pair split on Decision Day. Be sure to tune in to the next episode of MAFS to see how it all goes down, Wednesday night on Lifetime.

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