‘Married at First Sight’: Karen & Miles Still Together – Latest Photo Confirms

Married at First Sight pair Karen and Miles Williams hit several rough patches on the current season of the Lifetime show. And, it looks like things like COVID-19 really test their marriage. But, recent a recent photo reveals how the couple is in real-time.

Married at First Sight: COVID-19 Tests Miles Williams & Karen

Married at First Sight spoilers reveal COVID-19 hits in the middle of the marriage process for the couples in New Orleans. Moving in with a stranger is already tough. But, being married and quarantining with a stranger takes things to a whole new level. And this puts a lot of stress on Miles Williams and his wife.

MAFS’ Karen has her guard up so far this season. And, she has a hard time opening up to Miles Williams in current episodes. Even though Miles and Karen make some progress, throwing a global pandemic into the mix tests Married at First Sight couples in a way they’ve never been tested before. Also, it really puts Karen and her hubby Miles in a tough spot—along with the rest of the couples.

Karen says in Married at First Sight spoilers that the situation is “tense.” And, it’s clear that she and Miles Williams both feel the pressure in lockdown. Even so, Miles Williams has been patient and understanding up to this point in his marriage. So, they could use this unprecedented situation to strengthen their bond.

Married at First Sight: Miles Williams - Karen - New Orleans

Married at First Sight Spoilers: Couple Stay Together on Decision Day

Married at First Sight spoilers say Karen and Miles are one of three couples that make it this season on the Lifetime show. And, given the show’s history, that’s a high success rate for this season’s pairs. A crisis can either tear couples apart or make them stronger moving forward. And, it’s clear the latter worked for these two.

According to Karen, Miles told her he wouldn’t stay married to her if Decision Day happened right when the pandemic hit. So, there are several hurdles for them to overcome in current episodes. Still, for those rooting for the pair, they put in the work and make the hard choices to ensure their Married at First Sight union stays strong.

Married at First Sight: Miles Williams - Karen - New Orleans

Lifetime Couple Spotted During a Night on the Town

Agreeing to stay married on Decision Day isn’t the end for Married at First Sight pairs. While it’s a significant milestone to reach, a lot can happen after that. And this was the case with previous couples like Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman. Katie and Derek said yes on Decision Day. But, by the time the reunion show came around, they’d split.

So, even though three of this season’s couples say yes, whether or not they make it after the cameras leave is still a big test. Recent Married at First Sight photos show real-time updates of Karen out for a night on the town. The good news is that Miles Williams is with her, according to the photo (credit MAFSFan).

Karen said in previous Married at First Sight episodes that she wanted to build a connection that’s authentic with Miles. And, for her, that means taking things slow and allowing them to develop naturally. Karen worried about the fact that Miles was in 10 monogamous relationships before her. But, they certainly make things work even without Lifetime cameras around.

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