‘Married at First Sight’: Miles Williams & Karen Landry Decision Day – Head & Heart Disagree

Married at First Sight‘s Miles Williams and Karen Landry have to decide their future on Decision Day. After months of marriage, the two get to say whether they stay in their marriage or they divorce. But it seems like one of them has a head and heart that don’t agree.

Married at First Sight: Miles Williams & Karen Landry Need More

Karen Landry almost didn’t marry Miles Williams after she got a text with his social media information. The Married at First Sight bride said that Miles wasn’t “her type” and worried about the wedding. The crew had to ask Karen if she would continue with the marriage with this new information.

Obviously, Karen did go through with the marriage. But Miles’ age and “type” were still an issue after their MAFS marriage. And before long, Miles Williams could see he wouldn’t get the affection and attention he wanted.

On the other hand, Karen Landry didn’t think Miles Williams could be the head of the house. She wanted him to “put her in her place” and tell her when she was “acting crazy,” and fans of Married at First Sight said that Karen sounded like she wanted to marry a jerk.

Married at First Sight: Karen - Miles Williams

Miles Shares Insight into His Decision

Miles Williams spoke with his Married at First Sight castmate and best friend, Woody Randall. He told his friend he wasn’t sure if he could go on with Karen to decision day. In fact, he said it would be hard since the two of them hadn’t done anything in the bedroom.

Later Miles told viewers that he had an internal conflict. In fact, the Married at First Sight husband said his head and heart disagreed on whether to stay with Karen Landry or if he should get a divorce. Miles Williams said his head told him he should leave, but his heart told him he should stay.

The reason Married at First Sight celeb Miles considered divorce was that his head said he still wasn’t getting what he needed after four months. But his heart said Karen Landry was the type of person that he could be happy with. Viewers of the Lifetime show wonder whether he will listen to his head or to his heart.

Married at First Sight: Miles Williams - Karen Landry

Married at First Sight: Karen & Her Husband Enjoy Marital Bliss

SD reported a leaked photo of Karen and her husband, Miles. The couple was getting cozy at the Married at First Sight Unfiltered taping. These tapings happen after the show is over despite how they make it look like it’s in real-time.

Multiple Married at First Sight fans have sighted the couple. One fan saw the couple in the store together holding hands. Another person saw Karen Landry and hubby Miles Williams out at the bar, enjoying a good time.

Even Woody Randall got together with the couple when he threw Amani a “Dirty Thirty” party for her 30th birthday. And viewers are excited to know that the couple stays together.

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