‘Married at First Sight’: Miles Williams & Karen Landry Share ‘Hardest Part’ about MAFS

Married at First Sight‘s Miles Williams and Karen Landry talked about the most difficult parts of being on MAFS. And it wasn’t what most people thought it would be.

Married at First Sight: Miles Williams & Karen Landry Intimacy Challenges

During the entire Married at First Sight season 11, Miles Williams and wife Karen Landry had a weird vibe. Fans didn’t like Karen at all and said they would take care of Miles if she wouldn’t. Karen Landry saying she didn’t want to get intimate right away made people mad.

Married at First Sight viewers didn’t think the couple would stay together. In fact, most fans believed Miles Williams would leave her because they didn’t make it in the bedroom before Decision Day. Miles did say that he thought he would say no until he got to the couch.

Even though they did have these challenges on Married at First Sight, it doesn’t seem like that’s how it is anymore. Miles and Karen have been married for almost a year now. And they said that everything is fine in the bedroom.

Married at First Sight: Miles Williams - Karen Landry Williams

Miles & Karen Watch the Lifetime Series

Fans of Married at First Sight asked Miles Williams and sweetheart Karen Landry what the most difficult part of the show was. Both of them agreed that the worst part was watching the show. And they didn’t even make it through three episodes.

Miles of Married at First Sight said he got mad at Karen. He said he thought she felt a certain way when watching a certain scene, but she had to assure him she didn’t. Viewers think the editing made things worse than they were.

Karen said they couldn’t talk about editing. But she did make some faces that let everyone know that she got the rough end of the deal. It seems like watching the show caused problems in their marriage, so they stopped.

Married at First Sight: Miles Williams - Karen Landry Williams

Married at First Sight: Focusing on Their Relationship

Karen Landry said they had to focus on their relationship. Miles Williams agreed and said that people always had an opinion. But that they are doing well and that he can’t “get her out of his face.”

It seems like they have a lot of fun together. And it looks like they are a success story for Married at First Sight. They said that they wouldn’t ever want to do anything like that again.

Karen said they keep in touch with the other people from the show. And that there is no one else that experienced anything like this. And that means they have to stick together and support each other. Fans said they thought that was cool and are glad they are doing well.

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