‘Married at First Sight’: Miles Williams’ Wife Karen Landry Sets the Record Straight

Married at First Sight‘s Karen Landry gets a lot of hate from fans about how she treats Miles Williams. But she said that she couldn’t help how the Lifetime show portrays her. But she did say that she can speak her truth.

Married at First Sight: Miles Williams Needs More Affection from Karen Landry

During the first episodes of the Married at First Sight show, Miles Williams was open about his need for affection. Fans got frustrated with Karen Landry for continuing to say she needed Miles to tell her what he needed. It seemed like he shared openly about what he needed from her, but she didn’t want to give it.

Intimacy and affection were at the top of the problems for Miles and his wife, Karen. Married at First Sight showed Karen as cold and aloof. Fans wondered how Miles Williams even wanted to be with her when she wasn’t giving to the relationship.

Fans of Married at First Sight even went as far as to say they would take Miles. In fact, some people asked for Miles’ contact info so they could ask him out. Needless to say, they don’t think Karen Landry and her husband stay together on Decision Day.

Married at First Sight: Miles Williams - Karen

Karen Says She Put In the Effort

Karen of Married at First Sight knows people judge her and her relationship. But she said the show doesn’t give the whole picture. In fact, she said she gave Miles a personal gift on their wedding anniversary, but Lifetime didn’t show it.

MadameNoire asked Karen more about the situation, and she said both she and Miles showed how they cared. Karen Landry said she gave massages, got him snacks he liked without him asking, and more. But she said you wouldn’t see that on the show.

The show focuses on Miles Williams and how he adores his wife. But it doesn’t show she gives anything back. And that is what makes people decide that the Married at First Sight couple shouldn’t be together anymore.

Married at First Sight: Spoilers - Karen - Miles

Married at First Sight Update: Miles & His Wife Push Through Hard Times

Karen Landry said she and her husband both did a lot. And that they did have difficult times because of the pandemic. But she didn’t like how Married at First Sight made it seem like she thought Miles Williams wasn’t masculine because of his depression. In fact, she said she didn’t feel that way at all.

Karen also said she does not watch the show. And that she can only tell people what really happened. The MAFS star seems to have a very different recollection than what we see on the show.

Fans of Married at First Sight shared their excitement when Soap Dirt reported that Karen and Miles Williams do make it. On Decision Day, they opt to stay together, and they are still together, according to leaked photos.

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