‘Married at First Sight’: Bennett Kirschner & Amelia Fatsi’s Kooky Date with Karen & Miles Williams

Married at First Sight‘s Bennett Kirschner and Amelia Fatsi met up with Karen and Miles Williams for a game. And of course, they had to put their own spin on things.

Married at First Sight: Amelia Fatsi & Bennett Kirschner Embrace the Madness

Bennett Kirschner and wife Amelia Fatsi are very go-with-the-flow people. Being on Married at First Sight at all takes a great deal of courage. But Amelia and Bennett Kirschner take it to the next level with their positivity.

This Married at First Sight couple is enjoying each other’s company. And they aren’t sticking to traditional gender roles. In fact, Amelia said she wants to be the breadwinner. And she wants Bennett Kirschner to stay home and raise their kids.

So far, in the season of MAFS, it seems like the two are hitting it off well. And they even shared that they consummated their Married at First Sight relationship. They are only one of two couples that admit to having sex—the other in Woody Randall and Amani—even though everyone else is in a marriage too. And they made up rules in their recent game of bocce ball that the winner gets to pick where the other person kisses them.

Married at First Sight: Amelia Fatsi - Bennett Kirschner

Miles Williams & Karen Make Progress

Married at First Sight star Karen didn’t seem like she was too excited about the bocce ball prize. But it was Bennett that got the first kiss from Amelia. And he asked for it on his belly button.

Next, Miles won, and he got to pick a spot for a kiss. But he decided to let Bennett and wife Amelia pick. Bennett said they should go for right on the lips. And Karen did give Miles Williams the kiss he wanted. Fans were excited to see the couple make progress since things are going so slow.

By the end of the game, Miles said he got a lot of kisses. This Married at First Sight married couple is starting to win over fans’ hearts. And viewers are cheering for them to make it a yes on Decision Day.

Married at First Sight: Karen - Miles Williams

Married at First Sight: The Mating Dance Continues

Anything you do with Bennett or with Amelia Fatsi is going to be a little odd. From the game rules and wagers to trying to catch an egg in your mouth at a wedding. But it’s definitely fun, and Bennett is doing his brand of flirting with Amelia.

Miles Williams is trying his best to learn Karen and give her what she wants. But she keeps saying that she wants a manly man. Fans fight over whether Miles is sweet or if he is too immature for Karen. And some ladies say that they will take Miles for themselves if she doesn’t want him.

The Married at First Sight Decision Day is approaching fast. And fans brace to see which of their favorites will make it. And who will bite the marriage dust.

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