‘Married at First Sight’: Bennett Kirschner and Amelia Fatsi Consummate Their Marriage

Married at First Sight‘s Bennett Kirschner and Amelia Fatsi shared with the world that they did consummate their marriage. Bennett shared a little bit more about how it happened, but Amelia said she doesn’t like talking about sex.

Married at First Sight: Bennett Kirschner Is Open to Sex With Amelia Fatsi

Earlier in the season, producers asked Bennett Kirschner how he felt about having sex. He said that he would be open to having sex on the first night. But only if his wife was open to it.

It seems like his wife, Amelia Fatsi, wasn’t looking for first-night sex. But the Married at First Sight couple did admit to “smooching” on the honeymoon.

We did learn that they were getting pretty close. In fact, one of the spoilers even showed that they said, “I love you” to each other. And they looked very happy, but when did the sex happen?

Married at First Sight: Amelia Fatsi

Amelia Fulfills Her ‘Wifely Duties’ for Bennett

In a recent Married at First Sight spoiler, Bennett Kirschner was cleaning up the house. It seems like he was a little under the weather the day before, and Amelia Fatsi took care of him. Bennett thanked Amelia for helping him while he was sick. And Amelia said she felt like she fulfilled her “wifely duties.”

Bennett Kirschner said that he agreed that she did anything that a wife would be thought to do. It sounded a little strange how he worded it, and Amelia made a little face. But no one caught on until the producers brought it up.

Bennett was talking to them, and he said he and Lifetime’s Amelia Fatsi had a tender moment. And that things just happened. And the producers were quick to say, “You had sex.” And Bennett confirmed that yes, they did have sex.

Married at First Sight: Bennett Kirschner

Married at First Sight: Sex and Marriage

Once Bennett Kirschner said that he and Amelia Fatsi had sex, the producer had to pry. They asked him how he felt about it. And he said that he “is happy with the level of physical interaction” in their marriage.

They tried to ask Amelia of Married at First Sight about the sex part of things as well. Amelia seems to be a little more private than her husband. But they are working it out nicely. She told production to talk to Bennett about the sex topic.

At this point in the show, they still haven’t said, “I love you.” But they are having sex, and Married at First Sight fans are excited their relationship is going well.

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