‘Married at First Sight’: Bennett Kirschner Falling Hard for Amelia Fatsi

Married at First Sight‘s Bennett Kirschner is falling hard for Amelia Fatsi. And he isn’t afraid to share his feeling with the world early on.

Married at First Sight: Bennett Kirschner Jokes Over Soy Sauce

Fans of the Lifetime show say that Amelia Fatsi and her husband Bennett Kirschner are the cutest couple. And the latest clip of the Married Married at First Sight couple plays right into that opinion. Bennett asked Amelia for the soy sauce and said it might make him fall in love with her.

As she floated the sauce over to Bennett Kirschner, he acted like it was making him fall in love. And afterward, he broached the subject of how she would know if she was in love—hopefully with him. Amelia Fatsi didn’t look put off by this question and was quick to answer.

Amelia said she believed you could feel joyful and connected quickly. But the love part of things, for her, needed to come over time. In fact, she said their lives needed to be intertwined.

Married at First Sight: Amelia Fatsi - Bennett Kirschner - New Orleans

Amelia Fatsi Needs Time to Grow

Married at First Sight viewers loved to see Amelia and Bennett Kirschner talking openly about love. It seems like Bennett Kirschner is a little ahead of Amelia in the love department. But it doesn’t look like that is stopping him from being open and honest about his feelings.

After all—YOLO—right? To most people, that means, “You only live once,” but Bennett Kirschner thought it meant “You only love once.” Thankfully, Amelia was there to teach him the true meaning of YOLO.

There was a spoiler that showed Amelia Fatsi and her Married at First Sight husband saying I love you. So fans look forward to seeing how they got there. Fans wonder how they intertwined their lives to make Amelia fall in love with Bennett.

Married at First Sight: Amelia Fatsi - Bennett Kirschner

Married at First Sight: Fans Love Amelia & Bennett’s Story

Every time fans see a clip of Bennett and his Married at First Sight wife; they can’t get enough. Everyone agrees that they are quirky. But for each other—they are perfect.

Some of the ladies that watch the show are starting to get crushes on Bennett. It looks like Amelia might have a little competition with all of the women saying how cute Bennett is. But whatever the case, it doesn’t look like Amelia Fatsi has anything to worry about.

The biggest worry on the show right now is if Bennett will move with his wife. Married at First Sight spoilers say the couple is still together and live out of New Orleans.

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