‘Married at First Sight’: COVID Pushes Miles to Edge with Karen

Married at First Sight‘s Karen and Miles Williams are pushed to the edge by COVID-19. Each married couple has issues this season in New Orleans. But, what happens next is unprecedented as lockdown takes effect. And, it puts added stress on each pair.

Married at First Sight Spoilers: Karen & Miles Williams on the Rocks

Things are already tense for Karen on Married at First Sight. And, she doesn’t always see eye to eye with hubby, Miles Williams. Moreover, with COVID-19 happening, it puts even more stress on their marriage. Miles Williams is shocked by what goes on in Married at First Sight spoilers. And, Karen has a similar reaction to the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Karen adds that everything going on around them makes their marriage situation even more “tense”. And, the couples have no choice but to quarantine together for the foreseeable future. Miles Williams and Karen adjusting to being around one another is one thing. But, making that adjustment in the middle of a global pandemic adds even more drama to their storyline.

In addition, Karen reveals something shocking to Dr Pepper Schwartz in Married at First Sight spoilers. Miles Williams told his wife that if Decision Day were today, he would not stay married to her. So, that’s not a good sign in terms of where things are in their relationship when COVID-19 hits.

Karen said in previous Married at First Sight episodes that she and Miles Williams are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum. Miles is a lot more open when it comes to things like physical affection. But, Karen is much more closed off. Karen said she wants to start “bonding” and “connecting” in a way that feels more “authentic”. But, it’s clear she and Miles aren’t quite there yet. And, being on lockdown makes things that much more difficult.

Married at First Sight: Miles Williams - Karen - New Orleans

Married at First Sight: Lockdown Pushing Couples Over the Edge

The Married at First Sight process is stressful by itself. Moreover, throwing a pandemic into the mix is unprecedented in the franchise’s long history. And, upcoming spoilers show not all the newly-married pairs handle it well. Henry Rodriguez says New Orleans is a “ghost town.” And, that’s unheard of for the popular tourist destination.

Christina adds that everyone has to “stay indoors”. And, when drama goes down for these couples, there’s nowhere for them to escape to. Especially since each couple quarantine’s together in the early stages of the pandemic. In previous seasons, husbands and wives could leave a tense situation and blow off steam elsewhere. But, that’s not the case this time around on Married at First Sight.

Married at First Sight: Christina - Henry Rodriguez

COVID-19 to Blame for Failed Marriages?

Married at First Sight spoilers say two couples call it quits on Decision Day this time around. And, the pandemic may be responsible for two of these unions not making it for the long haul. The global pandemic puts a lot of stress on established relationships. And, this scenario is especially difficult when you quarantine with someone you just met.

It’s clear based on Married at First Sight spoilers that some couples really feel the heat. Olivia is in tears in spoiler clips. And, the honeymoon phase is over as real life hits hard for these pairs. Meanwhile, how they respond to this adversity is a big test for the newlyweds. Especially when it comes to weeding out the marriages that can’t make it long-term.

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