‘Married at First Sight’ Premieres Tonight – What’s on NOLA Episode 1

Married at First Sight: New Orleans premieres with Bennett Kirschner, Amelia Fatsi, and the other fresh couples on the brand new season. Lifetime bills these new episodes in the Crescent City as the craziest season yet in the show’s long history. What can viewers expect from the premiere episode?

Married at First Sight New Orleans: How Couples Like Amelia Fatsi & Bennett Kirschner Were Matched

Rather than skip right to the weddings, the first episode of the Married at First Sight season in New Orleans focuses on the things leading up to them – according to the latest spoilers. But, the first episode of the season goes well beyond just the bachelor/bachelorette parties, too.

Turns out, Married at First Sight watchers see in-depth into how and why the couples were matched. The intricate matchmaking techniques the MAFS experts use to bring couples like Amelia Fatsi and wacky Bennett Kirschner together is always a hot topic among fans. This is especially true when certain matches turn out to be a disaster. So, viewers can expect a behind the scenes look at how all that works.

MAFS: Bachelor Party Shenanigans & More

Along with a behind the scenes peek at the matchmaking process on Married at First Sight, viewers also see the bachelor and bachelorette parties. These pre-wedding festivities were added to the show in recent seasons. And, not everyone is a fan of them.

It’s a chance for the future husbands and wives to let loose and party. Meanwhile, with the booze flowing and a lot of skin showing, it’s also a recipe for drama. It certainly makes for good television. And, Married at First Sight spoilers say one groom gets a little too friendly with the hired entertainment.

Married at First Sight spoilers say new groom, Brett, gets a little too loose with his liquor. Meanwhile, he gets a little too friendly with the ladies at the bachelor party, too. Based on early teasers so far, Brett comes across as a bit of a player. And, many viewers wonder if this spells trouble for his new wife, Olivia.

What to Expect on Married at First Sight NOLA

Added to all this, Karen discovers the identity of her new groom, Miles Alexander. This happens right before the wedding. She gets a text with his picture and info on what he does for a living. And, this gives her a severe case of cold feet. Karen says in Married at First Sight spoilers that Miles isn’t her “type”. And, it looks like this could be a deal-breaker for the pair early on.

It’s possible this is clever editing by production to hype the new content. Based on teasers alone, it looks like there are at least a few red flags in each new marriage. So, it’s worth watching if any of these become sticking points as the fresh episodes progress.

Meanwhile, recent leaks say three of the five couples stay married on Decision Day. So, it’s worth tuning in to see which pairs stay together – and which pairs call it quits.

Catch the premiere of MAFS: New Orleans, Wednesday night, July 15 only on the Lifetime network.

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