‘Married at First Sight’: Is Brett Lindsey the Villain of New Orleans ‘MAFS’?

Married at First Sight: New Orleans may have a new villain based on the latest teasers from the upcoming season – Brett Lindsey. The new groom meets his wife for the first time when he walks down the aisle to marry Olivia. And, many viewers see Brett as a potentially bad apple early on from show clips.

Married at First Sight: New Orleans – Bachelor Party Shenanigans & More

Lifetime bills the upcoming season of MAFS as the wildest one yet. And, teasers show things escalate quickly at the bachelor and bachelorette parties before the love hopefuls meet at the altar. Married at First Sight’s Brett Lindsey gets a little too friendly with the ladies at the bachelor party.

With alcohol loosening up the cast, some of them act foolish right before the wedding. Is Brett’s behavior a one-off after a wild night of partying with booze? Or, is there something more concerning at play with how Brett Lindsey carries himself on the brand new season with wife Olivia?

Since the introduction of the pre-wedding parties, some Married at First Sight New Orleans stars certainly have more fun than others. But, based on clips, it seems like Brett takes things too far. Meanwhile, those antics might impact the relationship with Olivia. Is he this season’s big bad villain?

MAFS NOLA: Brett Lindsey the New Villain?

Based on Married at First Sight spoilers, Brett’s antics continue based on clips from upcoming episodes. Brett Lindsey told another of the grooms he’s worried he might have “swiped left” on his bride on a dating app since NOLA’s a small town.

Brett Lindsey also told the grooms “if there’s nothing physical there,” as in attraction, then there’s “no point” to continuing. He slurred after many shots about how if the bride’s “dressed to the nines” coming down the aisle and he doesn’t feel it, then “what hope can there possibly be?”

When Woody asked what if the bride isn’t into him, Brett snapped back that any woman would “be crazy if she’s not attracted to me.” That prompted eye-rolls from the other gathered grooms. Is Brett too shallow to take things seriously? Is he this season’s Zach on Married at First Sight? It doesn’t look good so far.

Married at First Sight: Show’s History of Villains

MAFS has a long history of at least one villain per season. Most recently, many viewers gave Katie Conrad that title after how things went down with Derek Sherman. Meanwhile, other cast members like Luke Cuccurullo and Matt Gwynne certainly fit the bill as well.

Last season on Married at First Sight, Zach Justice’s treatment of Mindy Schiben drew scorn. Plus, Brandon Reid cursing at crew and other cast members earned him the villain moniker too. Of course, Lifetime editors cut things together for drama. So, maybe Brett’s not so bad once full episodes air.

For now, though, Brett Lindsey certainly seems like a front-runner for this Married at First Sight season’s big bad early on. Viewers won’t meet the new MAFS cast members officially until the new episodes premiere on July 15. But, many followers say Brett is the next rotten apple based on sneak peeks.

Watch the new season of MAFS: New Orleans, July 15 on Lifetime.

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