‘Married at First Sight’: Brett Lindsey Shows off His Fit Body at the Beach

Married at First Sight‘s Brett Lindsey looks like he’s enjoying some time on the beach. And he wasn’t afraid to show a little skin, either.

Married at First Sight: Brett Lindsey Spotted in Miami

Recently, a fan spotted Brett Lindsey in Miami. They reported that the Married at First Sight star might have had some love handles. So, it looks like Brett decided to put those rumors to bed—no fat in sight for this MAFS man.

Married at First Sight fans agree that there are a few things Brett cares about, and one of those things is fitness. Can you get the other? Yes—his cats. In fact, when Olivia asked him what he wanted to do when he went home, he went right to his cats—and mowing the yard, of course.

One of the things fans laugh at about this situation is that Brett Lindsey is traveling. Olivia wanted Brett to travel and enjoy the moment, but so far in the show, it doesn’t look like he’s game. Fans of Married at First Sight wonder if Brett has changed his tune.

Married at First Sight: Brett Lindsey

Brett or Olivia – Which Is Worst?

Fans of the TV series Married at First Sight are still fighting over who is worse in this relationship. At first, everyone pegged Brett Lindsey as the villain. But Olivia’s snooty attitude has turned off a lot of her fans.

In fact, some Married at First Sight followers are giving both of them a big thumbs down. And asking why the experts approved either of them to be on the Lifetime show. Many people think they are on the show to create the drama part and that Brett Lindsey is upset about a bad match.

Whatever the case, this Married at First Sight season will come to an end soon. In fact, they just taped the reunion episode in Los Angeles. And fans are anxiously awaiting news from their favorite show.

Married at First Sight: Brett Lindsey - Olivia - New Orleans

Married at First Sight: What Happens With the Unhappy Couple?

Right after the wedding, viewers noticed there would be problems. Olivia didn’t seem to mind telling she made good money, and Brett was open that he didn’t have a lot extra. Besides their love of cats, they didn’t seem to have much to talk about.

On the MAFS honeymoon, Olivia rated their marriage at seven or seven and a half. And Brett Lindsey refused to rate the marriage. But it doesn’t seem like either of them are too happy with how things are going.

Married at First Sight spoilers let us in on a secret that Brett and Olivia split. And it seems like he has a new girlfriend—or at least—a girl travel buddy to Miami.

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